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If you are the owner/landlord of a rental property (condo, apartment, duplex, townhouse), you’ll want your building to look fresh and stand out in the memory of prospective renters. Use a colour that stands the test of time and appeals to many. Choose a hue that creates a   comfortable atmosphere, making people feel at home. What shade can accomplish all this? What paint colour(s) should you choose? 


  • Avoid the bold and daring: Making a statement in your own home with bright paint colours is a matter of taste. If you want to attract tenants, bright colours may not be a good idea. Avoid oranges and reds as they make people feel anxious and angry. Bright yellow, rich brown and vibrant blue are not good choices as people tend to either love or hate them thus affecting the number of potential renters. 
  • Utilize neutrals correctly: Neutral colours create space and appeal to a wider audience of potential tenants but stark white walls are uninteresting. Gray, tan and cream are recommended. Dark neutrals (charcoal gray, dark brown, deep gold, navy blue, and black) are suitable accent colours for baseboards, doors and accent walls.
  • Pay attention to finish: Semi-gloss paint is recommended for doors as it’s resistant to dirt and stains. Matte and flat finishes are great for interior walls and ceilings, covering up imperfections easily. A satin finish is a good choice for the focal points of the house (kitchen, bathrooms) because it reflects light providing sparkle and energy. 
  • Use high-quality paint: No matter what colours you decide upon, you want a paint that is affordable, durable, long-lasting, and easy to apply. Quality paint will reduce maintenance, increase longevity and provide better results. Ask your local paint professional for recommendations.


A good paint job can give your rental building a facelift. Choose your colours carefully ensuring your property appeals to a broad selection of potential tenants. Select a high-quality paint and hire a professional painter to do the job guaranteeing a quality long-lasting result.


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