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Colour is a powerful tool, affecting how we act, think and feel. It can evoke calm drama, cheer, comfort or coziness. It affects people in many ways. Before you choose a shade for a room in your home, let’s explore how the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) affect your mood.


Red is associated with passion and energy. It increases blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. It stimulates the appetite, pumps adrenaline and promotes conversation. Used with wood tones, it can warm a room. Combine it with light gray or magenta for a cozy soft feel. A scarlet wall with espresso trim makes a room feel dramatic and elegant. Red is a vibrant design choice for the front door and makes a striking impression when used for trim.


Yellow makes people feel cheerful, energetic, optimistic and happy! It activates memory, stimulates the nervous system, promotes communication and sparks creativity. Be careful not to overuse it as it can cause fatigue and anxiety. Soft buttery yellow is more calming than brighter versions. Muted yellow is a soothing peaceful neutral, while sun-kissed yellow adds warmth to a room. Pale yellow makes a small room feel larger. Try strongly saturated yellows in hallways and windowless rooms to create the illusion of light. Pale ocher and muted gold are timeless. Golden yellow with a touch of moss brown creates a rustic Old World charm. Opt for golden honey yellow in the kitchen, especially if you have lots of wood. Straw-yellow imitates candlelight making it perfect for a dining room. 


Blue is relaxing, soothing and calming; reducing blood pressure, slowing respiration and reducing heart rate. It improves focus and productivity making it perfect for an office or homework area. Beware of dark blues as they invoke sadness and some pastel blues feel chilly when there is no natural light. Try blues with warm muted tones in your bedroom and bathroom. Consider periwinkle, cerulean or turquoise for the family room, living room or kitchen. Sapphire adds a bold punch of energy to a room while sky blue feels tranquil. Navy blue brings drama while pale blues make a small room feel larger and mimics the sky when used on a ceiling. Blue is great for highlighting architectural details.


Trends come and go. Rather than following them, choose colours that reflect your personality and preference. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Experiment with the primary colours and all the ways that they affect your mood. 


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