Cabinet Refinishing and Painting

Is it possible to save my existing kitchen cabinets?

If your kitchen or bathroom is in need of some upgrades or a major facelift, you’ve probably looked into replacing the cupboards. However, many people are surprised that they don’t need to replace them for a new-to-you look completely. Instead, look into cabinet refinishing. These options have a lot of benefits over replacement so take some time to familiarize yourself with the benefits before you decide to rip out your cupboards and start from scratch.

What stain colors can be achieved by cabinet refinishing?

Darker stain colors like mocha and espresso can be achieved easily; more subtle changes in color can be achieved but are limited by the base color.

Do you strip and re-stain cabinet doors?

Short answer is no. Why? It is cost prohibitive to strip cabinet doors, it also doesn’t work on doors which are veneer. Instead we glaze the grain and spray a special stain over top the existing clear coat to achieve the desired color and then re-clear coat with lacquer or varnish. This process is called “shading.”

Cabinet Refinishing

What paint colors can be achieved by painting cabinets?

Any color under the sun can be achieved by painting your cupboards. You will only be limited by your imagination

How durable is a refinished cabinet?

The types of products used in cabinet painting and refinishing are the same as factory coatings. They achieve similar performance and durability.

How smooth will my repainted cabinets be?

Our sprayed finishes are incredibly smooth, they rival furniture quality in terms of aesthetic and consistency in finish… smooth to the touch

I like the layout of the kitchen but I don’t like the style of my cabinet doors what should I do?

You can order new doors through a company like multi-wood so that you can save the carcasses and still have modern style doors. We can do the finishing and painting for both.

What is the process involved with painting cabinets?

Cabinet painting services

The refinishing process goes as follows:

1. produce a sample for customer approval

2. remove, label and transport cabinet doors and drawer fronts to spray shop

3. mask floors, interiors of cabinets, surrounding walls, etc.

4. enclose kitchen with poly barrier

5. set-up extraction and make up air movers

6. clean all surfaces with degreaser or lacquer thinner

7. sand all surfaces being coated to removed debris and promote adhesion

8. if painting, prime all areas being painted with surfacer two to three coats may be necessary

9. if shading, glaze grain, spray shade to sample

10. spray two coats of clear coat or top coat

11. at shop repeat steps 6-10 on cabinet doors and drawer fronts

12. let cure for 2 days

13. transport back to site, reinstall, and adjust

Reasons to refinish your cabinets

1. Cabinet refinishing is an environmentally-friendly option over replacement. This is because the structure of the cupboards is preserved, rather than simply thrown away. Although the wood can be recycled, keeping them in your home is a better option. Each year more than 14 million tons of wood is thrown out. Although this wood comes from a numbers of sources, including wood pallets and furniture, cupboards do make up a large portion of this amount. Instead of recycling your cupboards or, worse, throwing them into a landfill, keep them in your home and only use refinishing techniques to give them a brand new look.

If you still decide new cabinets are for you; you can post them on a website like or to keep them out of the landfill

2. Cabinet refinishing saves you money. New custom kitchen cabinets can cost upwards of $25,000 while cabinet refinishing packages tend to range from $3500 – 10,000 depending on just how many cabinets you are doing. That’s money better spent on the counter-tops and tile back splash and even repainting the rest of the house. Your friends won’t be able to believe how little you spent on your kitchen renovation.

3. Cabinet refinishing saves you time and is less disruptive to your home life. The average kitchen renovation takes 8-12 weeks. Most of that time is due to the turn around time on custom order cabinets. With cabinet refinishing 2 1/2 weeks. Not only does it save you time, it saves you headache and can be done in the time it takes to take a vacation.

4. No moving dishes! Enough said.

Cal-Res Coatings provides a professional solution for cabinet refinishing that will make your cabinets look like new. We also wrote a great piece in our blog on the considerations when thinking of cabinet refinishing and repainting. You can find that blog post by clicking here.

Join the many other smart homeowners choosing to use our cabinet refinishing services to get a new kitchen for less money in less time.

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