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With the approaching winter, it is about time to look inward, particularly as it pertains to your home’s renovation projects. One of the easiest and most effective ways to spruce up any room in your house is to undertake an interior painting project. However, to achieve an immaculate look its best to hire a professional painting contractor who has the expertise to fully bring your home’s interior rooms to life.

Our Interior Painting Process

Our process for interior painting depends on the scope of work. Will we be painting the walls? Trim and doors? Ceilings? Faux finishing? Cabinets, etc.? Do you [the client] want a sprayed finish? A brush finish? Rolled finish? The one thing that is consistent between all jobs it starts with preparation. Preparation includes:

  • filling nail holes
  • patching drywall
  • pole sanding walls completely
  • masking basboards
  • covering floors (12″ border of tape and paper, plus drop sheets or rosin paper for spray jobs)
  • applying caulking
  • sealing stains
  • priming unpainted surfaces

We go beyond what other painting companies offer in terms of preparation. This ensures that surfaces being painted allow for a beautiful finished product.

From there we apply only top quality paints. We are not brand loyal so we select paints and finishes base on durability, performance and aesthetic. Top quality paints applied by top quality painters. Trained, experience and friendly. You will not find higher quality people in the industry.

Interior painting and finishing requires extreme attention to detail, from covering flooring and counter-tops, to masking baseboards, to straining the paint to ensure it is free of debris. Interior painting should not be left to amateurs, part time painters, college students, and even home owners. But with a number of painting contractors available, choosing the right one can be a bit of a headache. Not all painting contractors are created equal but by following a couple simple tips, you can be relatively sure the contractor you go with is reputable and will achieve the desired look.


Ours can be found here:

Just finding the name of painting contractors is not enough. You need to check out what other people have said about their service, their timeliness and their professionalism. Look for painting companies with both recent and older reviews -this will give you an idea of how consistent their quality and customer service is.

Don’t just look at the rating. Read the reviews – the reviews can tell you a lot about the company. Are the reviews consistent with each other? Are they too consistent? That may indicate the reviews are fake. Do the reviews suggest high quality work? Punctuality? Friendly staff? Did they use high quality paint? Were they knowledgable? Did they communicate well? Where they cleanly? Was their any property damage? Are the reviews local? Some companies listed will seem to have a lot more reviews then other, but on closer inspection the reviews are not all coming from your local market. Calgary has a much higher standard for painting quality than Toronto, so just because a customer in Toronto is happy with the work doesn’t mean a customer in Calgary would be.

Don’t rule out a company just because they had a bad review – what is important is how they dealt with the bad review. Did they respond to it and take steps to rectify? Did the user change update their review? This is often the most valuable type of review, as it will tell you what the company is willing to do in the event things don’t go perfectly.


Ours can be found here:

Any reputable painting company should have a portfolio of projects they have completed. The benefit to viewing a companies portfolio is that it will help you determine whether or not this company does projects of your scope and size. For instance, If all of the companies photos are of custom built mansion and all you want is your bedroom painted, then it is probably not a good fit. One the other hand, if your looking to have your new custom mansion painted they might be a good fit.

Looking at each painting companies portfolio also gives you a sense of the quality and services they offer. If the images are of high quality and so are the properties being painted you can probably expect that they do high quality work. If you are looking for a painter to do staining and there is no staining work in there portfolio, they likely don’t offer it or are inexperienced in that specialty.


We are a proud member of the BBB:

Are they licensed, have WCB coverage and insured? Are they a member of PDCA, CHBA, etc.? Members of BBB or Calgary Chamber? Do they have an NCSO, safety program, CoR Certification? These credentials let you know that they are legitimate businesses.

As a homeowner, a safety program, WCB, and insurance are the minimum items you should require. With out them you are not only one the hook for any property damage but also liable for injury of any workers on your property.


While price is important, what’s more important is knowing what you are getting for the price your paying. The number one mistake we find customers make when selecting a painting company is not reading the quote and making a selection based on price alone.

The quote will often tell you whether or not your contractor can accomplish the interior painting that you desire. Does the quote tell you what products will be used? Does it say how many coats? Does it specify an hourly rate for additional works? A price for extra coats? Does it say how many colours are allowed for? What kind and how much preparation will be done? What is the warranty? What are your responsibilities. These are the kinds of details that set excellent painting companies apart.

Lastly, it is particularly important to take note of how your potential painting contractor conducts themselves in terms of their customer relations. Any reputable contractor will be transparent with the breakdown of costs, will have some measure of guarantee in meeting time deadlines, and will treat you with a considerable amount of respect.



Cal-Res Coatings prides itself on producing high quality work for its client and establishing long-term working relationships with construction and design professionals, home builders, renovators, and interior designers. We are experts in our field and we use our expertise to your advantage. Beyond quality our motivations are simple, make you look good to your clients.

“We treat your clients almost as good as you do.”

Combine top quality and customer service with excellent availability and responsiveness to your timeline, we really can’t be beat.

  • If you currently have a painter who does good work but isn’t always available… call us.
  • If you currently have a painter who is friendly and on time but can’t deliver the quality your customers expect…call us.
  • If you currently have a painter who does good work when you need it done but interacts poorly with your customers…call us.

We have helped customers like Wallace Fleming – Design and Renovate, Alec Williams Construction, Calgary Independent Installers, Q Design Inc. and more streamline their construction process, improve client relations, increase quality of finish and more.

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