Painting for Home Builders

As a production home builder you have more important things to worry about then whether your painter is doing their job properly or whether they are keeping up with the schedule. You’re site supervisors are busy with electrical, structural, and plumbing inspection. There is really no reason they should be baby sitting the painters.

That said, some times the construction schedule gets a little crazy and 5 units become ready for final and possession is in two days. Unfortunately when that happens, quality goes out the window when dealing with small time operations. What do you end up with in the end? Poor quality, endless touch-up and a mess on the floor.

You need a painting company with man power, that can be there and get it done even when the task seems impossible. You need a company with 40+ painters, dedicated project managers and over 15 years experience in the business.

Welcome to Cal-Res Coatings. Not only do we adhere to the schedule, we provide a high quality product while doing it. Few touch-ups and quick response on service work means you look good to your customers.

If you hire us you’ll spend less time dealing with the usual painting problems and more time moving the rest of the project forward.

Are you looking for a painting company with a large enough work force to handle all of your painting needs?

That’s exactly what Streetside Developments was looking for, and they couldn’t be happier with their decision.

Are you looking for a painting company that can produce a large volume of work at high quality?

We keep your customer complaints to a minimum

Are you looking for a painting company that can come up with innovative solutions to improve quality and save you money?

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Three reasons you should choose Cal-Res Coatings for your painting projects:

1. Large workforce – we can stay on schedule without cutting corners

2. Great customer service – we work with you to find out what works and what will make your project a success

3. Quality – we use better products and deliver better finishes to make your customers happier

Want to know what other Painting Services we offer in the Calgary region? These include interior paintingstucco paintingcommercial paintingcabinet refinishing and more.

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