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What To Do When You Can No Longer Stand Your Salmon Color Stucco


Many a homeowner in Calgary who bought a home in the late 80’s and early 90’s have stared at it from the driveway wondering “What were they thinking?”

When Was Pink, Baby Blue, Mellow Yellow, Peach or Salmon Ever a Good Color For a House?

As trends changed, greens, browns, taupe, greys, and earthier tones became more acceptable colors for the exterior of a house. That makes the stucco houses of the 80’s and 90’s look even more dated.

How do I change the color of my stucco?

There are three ways to change the color of your stucco:

1. Remove existing stucco and apply new stucco – this is a great option if you have envelope issues or do not like the style of stucco you currently have. This option is the most expensive and can cost upwards of $40,000

2. Paint the stucco – painting your stucco is an excellent option for changing it’s color without incurring huge expense. It costs between $3,500 to $15,000 to paint a stucco home depending on the size, what material is used and extent of preparation and warranty is offered – This is the service we offer

3. Fog coating the stucco – this process is similar to the painting except instead of applying paint, dye is applied to change the color of the stucco

What are the benefits of painting my stucco?

There are some great benefits to painting your stucco if it is painted correctly:

1. Longevity – If your stucco is painted properly it will last longer – it stops the deterioration of the masonry caused by weather

2. Seals the Stucco – Do the water stains on your stucco drive you mental? Then painting your stucco is a great idea – The paint will seal the stucco so water can no longer penetrate it – In fact the water will just bead right off

3. Pick Any Color You Want – Dyed stucco only comes in certain colors, and you may not like them – With painting your only limited by your imagination – Painting stucco allows you to get the perfect color

4. Holds it Together – Painting stucco with an elastomeric paint (with 300% elongation properties) tightens up like a rubber band around your house and holds everything in place where it should be

What is the best way to paint stucco?

As with any painting, the difference is in the details. The best way to paint stucco is the Cal-Res Coatings way – that is how we can offer a minimum 5 year warranty. Follow these steps for best results:

1. Power-wash stucco completely and thoroughly – this ensures a clean surface for the paint to stick to

2. Apply a giant paint sample – this will give you a better idea of what the color will look like

3. Remove anything secured to the house – that way it will have paint in behind it

4. Repair stucco and caulk cracks – depending on the size of the damage and ability to replicate texture we may be able to complete the repair or may refer you to a stucco repair specialist

5. Mask and cover thoroughly – in order to prevent over-spray we mask all surfaces not being painted with tape and paper including: soffits, roof, windows, doors, decks, parging, etc. and cover floors, pavers, decking etc. with drop sheets

6. Priming – anywhere new masonry has been applied or any areas that are extremely weathers should be primed with a bonding primer to promote adhesion

7. Paint Application – Stucco needs a lot of paint to fill in all of the cavities and surfaces, one gallon should be applied for every 50-75 square feet, it should be sprayed and back-rolled two coats to ensure even coverage, proper adhesion, and prevent flashing

8. Inspection – visually the coating should be even in appearances, there should be no misses, runs, holidays, streaking, etc.

9. Clean-up & re-installation – remove all tape, paper, and plastic and re-install downspouts, house numbers, lights, etc.

How do we offer value to our customers who hire us for stucco painting?

1. We go make sure you love the color before it gets put on – you will be happy long after we are gone

2. We get better prices on paint then our competition so you get more paint per dollar you spend – more protection for your investment

3. We use the best paint and the best equipment to paint your stucco – you will get the best paint job on your street

4. Our quality control is rigorous and our warranty is unbeatable – you get peace of mind

What Stucco Paints Do We Use?

Cloverdale Towerthon Elastomeric
PPG Permacrete High Build Acrylic
Polymer Science BTP Elastomeric

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