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Realtors and Homeowners looking to buy and sell property often come across the need for professional painting services. Painting can ad value to a property by improving the aesthetic appeal, making the property look well kept, and make it more broadly appealing. Painting a home before possession is taken can also decrease the price and stress associated with painting a home.

Are you a realtor with a need for a reliable painting company that does high quality work on tight timelines?

We work extremely well with short notice projects while delivering industry leading quality. We can add value to a clients home or personalize a new property for a buyer.

Did your home inspector point out areas that need painting in order to protect the building envelope?

We provide high quality exterior painting services to make sure your home is protected from Calgary’s nasty weather patterns.

Did you just purchase a home with a beautiful layout, that functions for your family but is horribly tacky or not your style?

We make homes more stylish all the time, it is best to do this before you move in because we can provide a higher quality job in a short timeline – as well as refinish cabinets, railings, doors and trim, paint ceilings and walls all in a week or two.

3 Great Reasons to Use Cal-Res Coatings for Real Estate Related Painting Needs:

1. unbeatable customer service – you will be treated better than family

2. exceptional quality on a short time line – you will get a beautiful home and get moved in faster

3. trustworthy and properly priced – you can count on us to get the job done and will receive incredible value for your money

Want to know what other Painting Services we offer in the Calgary region? These include interior paintingexterior paintingstucco paintingcommercial paintingcabinet refinishing and more.

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