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You’ve decided to list your home for sale, but it’s looking a bit worn. Should you spruce it up with a new coat of interior and/or exterior paint? The answer is YES! Over 90% of real estate agents recommend painting before selling. The following are some convincing reasons for painting your home before listing it for sale. 


  • Add value to your home: Painting has the highest return on investment of anything you can do to upgrade your home for sale. It can add 50 to 200 percent to your asking price! Paint provides a fresh look, a fresh smell and impacts how buyers perceive the condition of the property. An exterior with a quality coat of paint instantly adds value. Painting interior walls help cover permanent marks or stains rejuvenating your home’s appearance. 
  • Make a good first impression: Most people form an opinion within the first 15 seconds of pulling up to your home and it’s hard to convince them that this impression is wrong! The condition of your exterior and interior paint can have a lasting effect on potential buyers. Chipped, peeling or damaged paint as well as a poorly chosen colour can ruin the impression your home makes. Refresh your paint before selling.   
  • Attract a higher number of buyers: Choose a neutral colour (beige, cream, ivory or off-white) to allow prospective buyers to picture your house with their colour schemes. Light colours will also add brightness to rooms and make them appear more spacious. Painting your home updates it, makes it feel fresh and clean and helps attract buyers. 
  • Create better photos: Most buyers begin their house hunting journey online. Fresh paint makes for better photos, ensuring your online profile looks appealing.
  • Buyers don’t want to paint: The majority of potential buyers don’t want to paint when they move in. Fresh paint will be welcome and may increase your chances of making a sale.
  • Prevent negative reactions: When prospective buyers see damaged paint, they fear something is wrong with the drywall or siding. Fresh paint creates the impression that not a lot of work needs to be done, inspiring confidence that the home is well maintained.
  • Avoid creating a bargaining chip: Prospective buyers may use the need for a paint job as a means to bargain for a lower price. 


Tip: If you don’t have the time or finances to paint the whole house, consider a fresh coat of paint for your front door and/or touch up areas like the window sills and trim. These simple changes can increase the curb appeal of your home.


Why hire a professional:

Not everyone has an eye for colour nor is everyone an experienced painter. To ensure your home looks great to prospective buyers, hire a professional painter. Work with an insured company that comes highly recommended in your community. They have the knowledge, experience and training to produce a paint job that will impress home buyers allowing you to sell quickly and receive the best price.  

If you want your home to sell quickly and get the best price possible, make your property look modern and appealing with a fresh coat of paint. It will add value to your house, make a great first impression and attract more potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint can mean the difference between getting offers or having your house sitting for months on the MLS. 


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