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Whether you own an office building, factory, retail complex or multi-family housing, a paint job is a good investment. The following are several excellent reasons to repaint your commercial building:


  • Increase client retention and growth: Your building’s exterior is the first impression you make on pedestrians, motorists, customers, and renters. People are attracted to a building that looks well-kept. A well-maintained exterior demonstrates that you are a vibrant, contributing member of the community and invites client retention and growth.
  • Capitalize on rebranding, expanding and/or change: If you are updating your logo, redesigning your website, printing new signage, celebrating a company milestone, are under new ownership/management or are expanding your product/service, new paint can help communicate the change to your clients/customers.
  • Improve the workplace: A beautiful environment impacts workplace satisfaction, boosts productivity, strengthens morale, reduces stress and increases focus. A fresh coat of paint can create a more attractive work environment for employees/renters.
  • Protect your investment: Cracking, peeling, chipping, blistering or fading paint indicates that the elements have taken a toll and the underlying materials of your building are no longer protected. This could lead to mould, mildew or dry rot. A fresh paint job can help safeguard your investment by protecting your building from deterioration.
  • Remain competitive: If your local competitors have an attractive building, a quality paint job on your commercial space will help show that you won’t be beaten.
  • Maintain a contemporary feel: Design trends and colours emerge and fade. Keep your building feeling contemporary with a fresh paint job.
  • Preserve and/or increase market value:  A new coat of paint is a cost-effective way to preserve/raise the market value of your property. Hiring a professional commercial painter is an investment in your building’s future resale value.


A commercial building is an investment and requires maintenance to preserve its worth, increase client retention and protect your asset. Before you spend money on costly renovations, consider the alternative of a great paint job. Transform your building with a coat of paint that will make your business shine. Breath new life and colour into your business! 


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