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Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to break the budget! One of the best and most affordable ways to add a splash of colour to your house is to paint. All you need is a can of paint, a brush or two and your imagination. The following are some clever ideas for ways to use paint to make your home feel brand new.


  • Accent a shelf: Add an accent colour to a shelf by painting just the inside surface and back of each shelf, leaving the outside and front trim the original colour. Use a single colour that matches your walls and you’ll add depth to your living space. Or, try a mix-and-match look and that creates a rainbow of colours, a gradient or an ombre. This will make the shelves pop!
  • Paint the kitchen cabinets: Are dark cabinets sucking the light out of your room? Go from dreary to sunny by brushing on some new paint! This transformation will cost you a fraction of the price of new cabinets. Seems like too big a job? A fresh coat of paint on the interior alone can infuse cabinets with colour and possibility.
  • Repaint a door: Whether it’s a front door, garage door, shed door or even a bedroom door, painting a door isn’t a big undertaking but it renews a dated appearance without breaking the bank! Choose a fun, contrasting colour for a fresh new look. Give worn doorknobs a fresh coat of paint. They’ll look tidier and make your room/house look well maintained.
  • Create an accent wall: Looking for a big change but a small project? Create a focal point in your home by painting a single wall. Try a bold and vivid colour. Consider using a wall stencil.
  • Paint the ceiling: Looking for an unusual project? Consider painting your ceiling. It’s a subtle way to add colour to any room. Try a bright colour for the kids’ bedrooms. Use a deep colour to create a soothing ambiance in the master bedroom. A light tone will perk up a living space. A colour that matches the walls will make a low ceiling feel higher. If you’re not sure you have the right tools or the patience for the project, leave it to the professionals.
  • Paint the bricks: Painting brick allows you to retain texture while changing the colour and mood of a room. Black paint transforms brick into a show-stopping feature! Consider a deep shade of matte blue for a chic look.
  • Transform a small room: Not interested in a major paint project? Give your washed-out home office, powder room or guest room depth and interest with a coat of paint. Consider using stencils or creating geometric shapes.
  • Paint the trim, window sills, and shutters (inside and/or out): Painting trim is an easy and affordable way to create contrast. A new coat of paint on shutters provides a shot of colour for your home. Use a hue that’s already part of your home’s colour scheme.
  • Renew old flooring: A couple of coats of durable floor paint can add personality to a room for a small price.
  • Revive your deck: Are your once bright deck boards looking weather-beaten, stained and slimy with algae? Power wash, scrub and brush on a protective coat of semi-transparent stain to revive and protect your outdoor space. 


A bit of paint can go a long way! From shelves and cabinets to accent walls and flooring, paint can quickly and inexpensively renew your space. If you are not the DIY type, contact your local paint contractor. They have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you spruce up your home.

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