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Your home’s exterior is exposed to rain, wind, sunlight, heat, frost, snow and sometimes hail. These conditions can cause chipping, cracking, flaking, blistering and fading of your paint. They can also lead to the growth of mould, mildew and algae. To protect the surfaces of your dwelling from the elements, you need to apply a “suit of armour.” To do this:


  • Choose a high-quality paint: Though they are more expensive, choose an exterior paint that is water, UV and fade resistant and easy to apply. Check that it is also resistant to chipping, flaking, cracking, mould, mildew and algae. 
  • Use a primer to ensure proper adhesion of the topcoat to the substrate. Primer also prevents dust and water absorption as well as alkali and efflorescence. 
  • Consider the use of wall putty:  Applied before painting, putty protects your home from water seepage. It creates a strong bond between the paint and the surface making it last longer and preventing flaking of your expensive topcoat.
  • Paint under the right conditions: Experts recommend that you apply oil-based paint in temperatures no lower than 4.5°C and latex paint in temperatures no lower than 10°C. Any colder and the paint takes too long to dry making it vulnerable to collecting dirt, insects and pollen. Cool temperatures also make it difficult to apply multiple coats. If the paint is not properly dried between coats blistering and bubbling may result. It is recommended that air and surface temperature should not exceed 32°C when applying oil-based paint and 29°C when using latex as higher temperatures cause the paint to dry too quickly. Painting in the rain is never recommended as this can lead to streaks or a spotty appearance.


Your home is your castle and you can protect it with a high-quality paint and primer applied under the right conditions. Don’t let the weather deteriorate your home. Call a professional painting company and have them apply a “suit of armour” to your abode. 


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