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It’s time to repaint the exterior of your home. You pour over colour samples imagining how each will appear, wondering which will look best. Did you know that the colour you paint your home can make a significant difference in your comfort level during the summer? Choose the wrong colour and your house will heat up quickly. Choose the right colour and you can improve your home’s cooling efficiency. 


We often choose light coloured clothing for coolness in the summer. The same premise applies to your home. Light colours reflect the sun’s rays resulting in less heat in your home while dark colours absorb heat which is then transferred to the interior causing it to warm. Dark and/or dull colours absorb 70 to 90 percent of the sun’s radiant energy.  White walls gain 35 percent less heat than black walls.


So what does this mean for your choice of exterior colour for your home? Light coloured neutrals (whites, beiges) will reflect the sun’s rays and provide universal appeal should you wish to sell. If you don’t like these colours, choose cool colours like light blues and pinks. Avoid dark and dull colours (black, navy, dark green, charcoal gray). 


There’s more to choosing exterior paint than finding that perfect shade that you adore! If you’re unsure what paint and colour to choose, consult a paint contractor with exterior painting experience. They’ll know what colours can help you achieve the look you desire while helping keep your home cool in the summer. 

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