Most people wait for the warm weather of spring or summer to undertake painting projects. Though the wind and snow may swirl beyond your windows, the warm, dry atmosphere of your home during winter is actually perfect for the services of a professional, residential painter. Winter’s cold, dark days make for bad conditions for outdoor projects but excellent conditions for indoor projects. The following are the benefits of hiring painters for interior projects during the winter months:

  • Paint dries faster: The low humidity of the season combined with the dry heat of your furnace makes paint dry faster in the winter. 
  • Not limited by daylight hours: As the interior of your home can be lit by natural and/or artificial lighting, the time frame for painting is not limited by daylight hours. 
  • Time to enjoy the results: Since the bitter cold of winter forces you indoors, you’ll have more time to enjoy your new interior paint job. 
  • Lower painting costs: Winter is a slow season for residential painters meaning you get a better rate, usually 10 to 30% less than during the warm weather. You can obtain the professional look you desire for a smaller expenditure. 
  • More availability: Painting companies are typically less booked and thus more readily available during the cold months making it easier to schedule your project. You receive the time, attention and selection of time slots that you desire.
  • More time for fun in the warm weather: Summer is short! Having completed your interior painting project(s) during the winter frees you to enjoy warm-weather activities. 
  • No fumes to worry about: Today’s premium paints contain no VOCs making painting in the winter without ventilation danger-free. 
  • Banish the winter blues: Your surroundings affect your mood. Don’t let dark cold winter months get you down. Brighten your home with a fresh coat of energizing colour. Adding a vibrant hue of paint to your walls is a quick cure for the winter blues. 
  • Maximize your selling potential: If you plan to sell your home in the spring, get the jump on the market by painting your interior during the winter. While others rush to paint in the spring, your home can already be listed. 

When you think of interior painting, it’s easy to assume your home improvement project should be done in the spring or summer months. But there are many benefits to interior painting in the winter months. Talk to your professional, residential painting company. They have the knowledge, experience and equipment to complete your interior painting project and make your home shine. No matter the season, choosing the right painters and high-quality paint makes all the difference.

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