Paint dealers and paint contractors will tell you that it pays to spend a little extra to get quality paint products. Yet everyone likes to save money! Is high-quality paint really worth the extra cost? 

What makes high-quality paint different?

Paint is a product that you don’t want to scrimp on. With paint, you get what you pay for and high-quality paint is worth the investment. The difference is in the ingredients.

  • Pigment: Prime pigments provide colour and hide (the ability to hide the surface). Extender pigments add bulk but have little value. Good paints have more prime pigments making them easier to apply, more durable and provide better colour retention.
  • Binders: Latex paint contains either 100% acrylic, styrene-acrylic or vinyl acrylic binders. Oil paint contains linseed oil, soya oil or modified oils called alkyds. Binders affect stain resistance, gloss, adhesion and crack resistance. Top-quality binders adhere better and provide longer-lasting performance. High-quality paints contain top-quality binders.
  • Liquids: Liquids are added to get the paint from the can to the surface and have no performance benefits. The best paint has a greater ratio of solids (pigments and binders) to liquid.
  • Additives: These ingredients provide better hide, flow and levelling. Some keep mildew in check. Some keep pigments evenly distributed and others prevent spoilage. High-quality paint contains more beneficial additives.

What are the benefits of using high-quality paint?

  • Ease of application: It has better levelling (ability to dry to a smooth film) and goes on more evenly with fewer brush and roller marks. 
  • Less spattering: It is thicker making it easier to apply and less likely to spatter during application.
  • Better concealment: Good quality paint hides the original colour and imperfections in fewer coats. This saves time and money. 
  • Ease of touch-ups: Touch-ups are done with ease and are less noticeable when using top-quality paint.
  • Stain resistance: It has better grime and dirt resistance making cleaning easier.
  • Scrub resistance: It can withstand scrubbing without surface damage.
  • Imprint resistance: Good quality paint reduces the number of prints gathered on shelves, windowsills and other surfaces when objects are placed on them.
  • Mildew resistance. Mildew-resistant agents are better and more plentiful in top-quality paints.
  • Fade resistance: Good quality paint helps maintain a fresh appearance for many years.  
  • Better adhesion: It contains quality binders making the paint adhere well to surfaces and extending the life of the paint job.

High-quality paint has ingredients that allow it to apply more easily, look better and last longer. It’s stain, scrub, mildew, imprint and fade resistant. Despite a higher initial cost, it will save you time and money. 

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