Painting stucco, moulding and trim can be finicky and time-consuming. It requires preparation and special paint. So why undertake this frustrating job? The following are the advantages of renewing the paint on your home’s stucco, moulding and trim.

  • Boost Curb Appeal: Painting stucco trim and moulding is an easy and effective way to improve your home’s overall aesthetics. If you’re preparing to list your home, it increases your chances of a fast and successful sale. If you’re staying in your home, it’s a cost-effective way to transform the look of your home adding to its curb appeal.
  • Protect from Water Damage: The porous nature of stucco makes it prone to damage from the elements and problems with mould and mildew growth. Painting stucco, trim and moulding is a way to waterproof your home. Use elastomeric paint, a breathable coating that won’t trap moisture and prevents water intrusion. 
  • Remove Unsightly Stains: Unattractive stains (dirt, mould, mildew) accumulate near windows, shutters and chimneys. They affect the overall look of your home. Cleaning and painting your stucco, mould and trim will renew the look of your dwelling and inhibit new stains.
  • Eliminate Hairline Cracks: The porosity of stucco makes it susceptible to hairline cracks which increase the chances of water seeping into your structure. Proper painting of stucco, trim and moulding helps fix this issue. Use a flexible crack filler and thick high-quality paint to fill hairline cracks.
  • Protect Against UV Rays: Over time, the sun’s rays can weaken your stucco, discolouring, cracking and damaging it. Freshen the look of your home and protect it with a professional exterior paint job. 
  • Avoid Efflorescence: Salt deposits referred to as efflorescence, appear as white stains on stucco. These blemishes are difficult to remove and should be handled by a skilled professional painter.
  • Retain Colour and Gloss: Painting stucco, moulding and trim ensure that the gloss and colour are maintained for an extended duration. 

How often should stucco, moulding, and trim be painted? 

External variables can cause stucco to fade, discolour and develop hairline fractures. After the proper application of high-quality paint, stucco can last 20 years without peeling or blistering. If your stucco needs a coat of paint, contact an experienced professional painter. They have the knowledge and tools to undertake repairs and will know the best paint for the job. 

Painting stucco, trim and moulding on your home offers a range of benefits, but only if the project is completed correctly. You can ensure that your stucco is painted properly by trusting your home to experienced professional painters. They know what type of paint to use, can advise you regarding paint colours and deliver high-quality results that last for years. 

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