Do you have a large painting project that requires extensive preparation and would benefit from painting experience? Are you thinking of hiring a professional residential painter? Not all painters deliver the same quality of service. It’s important to know what your painter will provide. The following are the services you can expect from a quality residential painting company.

  • An estimate: A quality professional painting company will assess the area to be painted, review options with you and provide a quote. This estimate should include prep work, painting and clean-up as well as a rough timeline of how long the project will take.

  • A contract: A good painting company will provide a contract that:

    • Describes the scope of the work 
    • Gives the cost of supplies as well as labour
    • Provides an estimated work schedule  
    • Describes the types of paint to be used
    • Lists the painting supplies
    • Details services to be provided
    • Details fees, payments and discounts
  • Colour advice: A quality painting company will advise and assist in the choosing of colours that complement each other and will be knowledgeable regarding the latest colour trends that can increase the value of your property.

  • Professional equipment and supplies: A quality professional painting company will use commercial painting tools to create a flawless finish. They’ll have all supplies needed (tarps, drop cloths, painter’s tape, brushes, rollers, scrapers) and use high-quality paint and primer. 

  • Preparation, painting and clean-up: Professional painters will wash surfaces, sand and fill holes and cracks. They’ll protect furniture, flooring and fixtures with drop cloths and tape off areas not to be painted. Primer and paint will then be applied followed by extensive clean-up. 

  • A final walk-through will be done to ensure that the finished product meets your expectations. A quality company offers a warranty, not only on the paint but on their work as well. 

Let the professionals tackle that tricky, time-consuming paint project. You’ll receive a quality paint application, in a timely manner, using the best product. Look for a painting company that has excellent equipment, can suggest colour schemes, does extensive preparation and cleans after the work is done.

Have a painting project you need help with? Need advice regarding colour choice?  Call the Calgary residential painting experts, Cal Res Coatings at (403) 835-4817. We’re a residential painting contractor that strives for quality, has an eye for detail and colour, and will not rest until your job is done to your satisfaction. Request a free quote today.

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