Painting contractors specialize in painting residential buildings (houses, apartments, condos, duplexes) or commercial properties (offices, factories, retail outlets). They can work directly for property owners or through real estate firms, rental agents and property maintenance companies. 

What is a residential painter?

If you’re seeking someone to paint your home, you’re looking for a residential painter. Residential painters paint the interior and exterior walls, porches and trim of a house. They have specialized knowledge in the selection of paint types, adding details (texturing, borders, etc.) and sometimes in staining, wallpapering and drywall repair. A residential painter will deal directly with a homeowner to ensure the job is completed to their satisfaction.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional residential painter?

There are a number of reasons why it’s advantageous to hire a professional residential painting contractor.

  • They have the ability to remove all risks and responsibilities from a potential client.
  • A residential painting contractor carries both general liability and worker’s compensation policies.
  • They provide quality and craftsmanship. 
  • They supply high-quality paint products, materials and equipment. No need for you to purchase/rent any of these.
  • Residential painters provide fully warranted work. 
  • They can offer concise answers to all procedures.
  • Residential painters offer proven systems, tailored to your needs. 
  • They have a verifiable history of experience.
  • A residential painter has the necessary team trained and in place. 

What are the duties of a residential painter?

Residential painters offer a range of services that enhance the appearance of the interior and/or exterior of homes. Though every painting contractor is different, they usually:

  • estimate the materials required to complete the job. 
  • estimate the time required for surface preparation, painting several coats and drying time between coats.
  • measure the area to be painted and discuss the type of finish the customer requires. 
  • assess the quality of the surfaces to work out how much remedial work they must carry out before painting. 
  • calculate the cost of essential equipment, such as scaffolding.
  • advise customers on colour selection and choice of wall coverings
  • meet customers to finalize their requirements and plan the order and timing of work.
  • choose paints with special qualities for different types of surfaces.  
  • remove old paint or wall coverings and/or repair cracks and other damage. 
  • remove doors, switch plates, outlet covers and other items that might be in the way
  • protect surrounding furniture, plants or other objects with tarps.
  • apply a suitable primer to the surface.
  • on new surfaces, such as bare wood or fresh plaster, they apply a suitable seal, followed by a primer coat.
  • apply several layers of high-quality paint to achieve a suitable finish using brushes, rollers or spray equipment. 
  • allow each coat to dry for the recommended time. 
  • touch up missed spots.
  • clear away any equipment and restore the area to its original condition.
  • undertake a final evaluation between painting foreman and homeowner.
  • prepare final accounts for customers based on the original estimates and any additional work.
  • paint walls, ceilings, trim, drywall, baseboards, aluminum siding, stucco, brick.
  • caulk, stain, seal and paint houses and often decks and fences.
  • carry out administrative and marketing duties. 

Hiring a residential painter means you can rest easy knowing that a team of painters will work hard to improve your house in terms of aesthetics and structure. They can transform the look and feel of your home, catering services to you and your family’s unique needs and provide you with quality long-lasting results. To ensure that the contractor is capable of handling the job, ask for references and discuss any unique aspects of the project (high spaces, distinctive designs, unique materials) ahead of time. You can’t go wrong with the services of a reputable residential painter. 

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