Summer is a great time to brighten up your home in preparation for the cooler and darker times of fall and winter. One of the easiest ways to brighten things is to use a splash of paint. Paint can create a comfortable and welcoming environment. The colour you choose plays an integral role in setting the tone in your space. Following are tips for using paint to create a bright setting before the cold weather arrives.

  • Consider white: Though it doesn’t sound exciting, a crisp coat of white paint with a satin finish creates a bright, clean look. Plus, anything goes with white making decor choices easy. 
  • Try bold colours with soft accents: Cool colours (green, blue, purple) keep a space bright and make them look large. Balance them with light furniture. 
  • Paint the trim and moulding: A coat of white paint on trim and crown moulding brightens up a room and adds an accent to any space. 
  • Don’t forget the ceiling: For a bright and cheery look, try a bright or warm colour (yellow or green) on the ceiling while keeping the walls white. 
  • Choose a satin finish as it reflects natural light, brightening up a room. 
  • Think about natural lighting as it plays a large role in the brightness of a room and therefore the colour that works best in the space. A lot of natural light means you can choose a darker colour. Minimal natural light requires a lighter colour.
  • Don’t fear multiple colours: Multiple colours create contrast and a unique look. Try one dark colour and one much lighter. This works best with cool colours (green, blue, purple).
  • Choose colour carefully: Picking colours can seem a daunting task. Each colour creates a different atmosphere.
    • White is a classic choice for brightening the interior or exterior of a home. Warm white is inviting, classic and clean and can be accented with almost any colour desired. 
    • Blue: Soft blue hues or bold aquatic shades brighten and beautify the interior or exterior of a home. Opt for light trim (preferably white) to complement the blue and tie the colours together. 
    • Gray gives a home a beautiful, modern feel. Try a blue-gray and make the door and window trim light.
    • Yellow can be inviting and stunning. Ensure that the shade you choose looks right in the light of morning, noon and night.
    • Green reminds us of nature and brightens a space. Opt for a hunter green and pair it with natural wood accents. 
    • Neutral tones are classic and paired with off-white truly creates a warm, welcoming, timeless look. 

No matter what colour paint you pick to brighten your home before winter, make sure you choose a trusted painting contractor to do the job. They have the experience, knowledge, skills, and products to make your home shine. They can even help with colour choice. A great painting contractor makes your home shine!

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