Walls take up a lot of the visual space in your home. Need some new ideas for those blank boring expanses? Want to make a creative statement with your home’s interior paint? Need some themes, aesthetics, and décor schemes that will make your walls stand out? The following are some patterns, textures and art ideas to inspire you to create visual interest in a room, to make your walls unique and incredible!

  • Ombre walls: An ombre wall treatment is a decorative effect starting with a single paint colour and gently transitioning into another, creating a dreamy, water-coloured effect as it covers the spectrum between two or more colours. Bring in the cool of the ocean with a turquoise ombre wall design. Add sea-themed accents in glass and gold. Capture the magic of dusk with a sunset ombre effect. Start with sky blue at the top, follow with blush, then with warm honey orange and end with salmon at the bottom. It’ll make your room warm, bright and mesmerizing.  Want to do the ombre wall but can’t achieve the seamless blend? Try graded ombre, an easier and simpler version of this delightful paint trick.
  • Geometric Designs are cool, modern and eye-catching, complementing modern home interiors. Pick your favourite colour palette and paint random shapes in different shades. Paint a plain grey wall with diagonal lines of different thicknesses and shades to create a trendy upbeat vibe. Consider pastel geometrics for an understated, elegant look. Try geometric designs in the living room or family room. 
  • Vertical Divide: If you have a space that serves two purposes (a living room/dining room or home office/ family room combo) you can use paint to divide the room visually. Choose a point on the wall where you want to separate the space and create a vertical line with painter’s tape. Choose shades that are complementary to achieve a minimalistic look. Try decorative moulding to give your wall a more finished look and add décor pieces that pick up the colour theme. Achieve a sleek, modern creative vibe while creating the illusion of a tall ceiling and separate spaces.
  • Murals add tranquillity to wall décor, evoking peace and quiet. Consider a cherry blossom branch, a forest, blue mountains or a shaded wood. This wall treatment works well in bedrooms, baths or a music room. 
  • Gingham Style gives a wall idyllic charm and a rustic vibe. To achieve the look, carefully study the shades of a favourite gingham cloth, plan the painting and keep the lines straight. You’ll need three or more complementary shades to complete the design.
  • Watercolour wall: Try something a little more abstract, using an actual painting technique. Blend colours for a captivating, extraordinary look. Keep the rest of the room muted so as not to overwhelm the overall design. Pick your favourite colour and dilute it with water to achieve the fading effect. No rules for this design, just have fun.
  • Brushed bristle effect: Want a visual texture on your walls? Use a wicker broom to create very thin brushed lines, pulling the bristles of the broom down the wall from th4e ceiling to the floor before your paint fully dries.
  • Poem stanza wall: Create large lovely word art directly on your wall. Choose a beautiful cursive font and a meaningful quote and stencil it above the bed like a second headboard.
  • Patterned roller painting: Patterned rollers have little designs and pictures moulded into their surface, similar to a stamp. These tools are a great way to create a small, detailed pattern in a uniform manner. 
  • Chevrons: A chevron is an inverted V-shaped pattern. The best wall for this treatment is the first wall you see as you walk into a space. Select a minimum of two colours for the chevron pattern. Determine your pattern repeat, how many up and down segments you want to see. Draw the pattern from the centre of the wall out so it remains equal on both sides of the wall. Using a high-quality painters’ tape, tape off your chevron pattern. Get painting! You may have a few touch-ups to do with a small brush afterwards.
  • Denim Faux Finish: This is a great paint idea to add texture and interest for an upscale wall on a budget! Looks like grasscloth or real denim jeans! Check YouTube for tutorials. 

With a little artistry and a lot of imagination, your walls can be the highlight of a room or the house! Use these wall paint ideas and designs and instantly transform your walls from humdrum to fabulous.

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