There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a tub after a hectic day, with candles, scented soap and a good book. It helps you escape from stress and focus on yourself. Wondering how you can turn your small or uninspired bathroom into a personal spa? There are a few design tricks that are useful in this endeavour. Something as simple as your colour choice aids in creating a serene, calming environment for unwinding and escaping. The following are some soothing paint colours to help create a peaceful, harmonious environment that delights the senses while calming and rejuvenating the mind and body.

  • All white: A crisp, white bathroom is the ultimate in classic spa style, exuding cleanliness, brightness and purity. Go for a warm off-white and coordinate it with tiles and cabinets of a similar hue. A creamy white with a buttery warm base is a good choice. Select paint with a washable finish. Make your towels white for a striking and sophisticated look. Warm things up with light wood accents or bright accessories. 
  • Taupe is a perfect choice for those who want to go with a neutral but still give the bathroom some warmth. A brown heavy taupe provides an earthy touch while a gray version is moodier and modern. Both help create that spa feeling.
  • Soft gray brings in the cooling colours of granite and concrete while remaining soothing. To balance out the cool tones and warm things up, mix in dark wood elements through flooring or furniture. Accent with pops of colour in your accessories; bright towels or a patterned shower curtain.
  • Charcoal: If you’d like a more dramatic spa look, try charcoal. It has warm elements and is quite versatile. It’ll give your bathroom a cozy feel and pairs well with natural wood tones and metallic accent for a chic, yet relaxing space. 
  • Blue: Dreamy sky blue helps you feel relaxed and creates a spa-like feeling. Pair it with white tiles and white trim details for the feel of a blue sky on a sunny day. Or try cerulean blue, the colour of the sea. Its tranquil, calm feel makes it a perfect choice, reminding you of a relaxed day on the beach. Pair it with vintage-toned white and pops of tropical brights.
  • Pink creates a flattering glow and a feeling of warmth in a bathroom. Pair it with white or black.
  • Green gives the impression of bringing the outdoors inside. It’s a calming colour that brings a relaxing ambience to a room. This hue mixes well with other earthy, natural tones (brown, taupe, sand). 
  • Brown creates a bathroom with a calm look and feel and promotes a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere. Dark chocolate brown creates a dramatic impression and looks sleek when paired with metallic gold accents. A medium tone is more soothing and pairs well with details in lighter tones. A light brown works well as a neutral backdrop to feature accent colours like cream, beige, or soft blue.
  • Mixtures: Gray and tan are great bases for blending with brighter colours to create  cool, calming tones that are not overwhelming or distracting. Blend violet and gray to create a soothing lilac-gray hue or mix pink and tan to create a soft warm pink. 

Other tips: 

  • Avoid high-contrast pairings such as black and white or blue and orange as they appear bold and energizing rather than calming. 
  • Pairing warm neutrals with nature-inspired colours creates peaceful palettes that would look at home in a high-end spa.
  • When you’re feeling stressed, blue is one of the most soothing colours. 
  • You can promote relaxation and reduce brain activity by using a limited colour palette. 
  • Paint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to transform your space into a personal oasis.

Hire a professional painter:

Professional painting companies help you visualize the room and organize your colour palette based on your unique needs and ideas. They can be of assistance in choosing colours that help you create a spa-like atmosphere. 

Transform your bathroom into a tranquil retreat that promotes health and well-being while reducing stress. Begin your day in a zen atmosphere and relax in the evening. Feel pampered and rejuvenated. Start with the perfect shade of paint then add scented soaps, fluffy towels, soft candlelight, luxurious accessories and decorative touches. Turn your bathroom into a serene, calming environment for unwinding and escaping.

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