The kitchen is the busiest area of a home. It’s the central gathering place where people come to talk, do homework, prepare and eat meals and even entertain. You want the colours of your kitchen to make the users, the cook, diners and guests feel comfortable and welcome. Colour can make a kitchen feel bright, happy and pleasing. Don’t get stuck in a “neutral” rut! Add some colour to the hearth of your home! Following are some tips for using bright colours in the kitchen. 

  • Consider an accent wall: A single painted wall is a great way to bring a pop of colour into your kitchen. Even the smallest tint transforms the room. Because the cabinets break up the surface, it’s possible to use a bold hue without it taking over the space. 
  • Ponder the mood: If you want a relaxed feel for your kitchen that’s perfect for hosting, soft hues are the best choice. If you’d like your kitchen to feel open and vibrant, bright colours are an excellent option.
  • Add colour to the cabinets: Kitchens that feature coloured cabinets often stand out! Light shades of blue create a crisp, clean look and work well for cabinets. Mint and apple green pair nicely with white and wood accents. If you want to be more adventurous, try a rich emerald green. It adds a jolt of energy to the kitchen. 
  • Try accent doors: Not ready to add colour to all the cabinets? Use colourful paint on just a few. A stretch of uppers or a corner cabinet will do. 
  • Paint unexpected surfaces: A kitchen island, a backsplash or even the ceiling could benefit from a bold paint colour. Consider mint green, pale aqua or butter yellow for the island. Try poppy red or olive green on the backsplash. Soft blue or peach looks great on the ceiling. Don’t forget the floor. Paint it a contrasting colour that helps the room flow or find a matching colour that presents a complimentary visual appeal.
  • Add painted furniture: Add charm to your kitchen by bringing in boldly painted furniture; a bookshelf, bench, hutch or credenza. It’s a perfect way to add a shade you love without painting the walls.
  • Checkout chalkboard paint: Add a little interest to your kitchen by applying colourful chalkboard paint on one wall or the door. It adds a pop of colour and is useful for leaving notes or creating menus.
  • Create contrast: Sharp contrasts in colour make a kitchen pop. Navy cabinets with white counters make an impression. Light upper cabinets and dark lower cabinets work too. Black handles against white cabinets are another option. Think stark contrast and let your imagination soar!
  • Think mood: Consider the mood you want to create with your pop of colour. Warm colours (yellow, orange, red ) wake you up and make you hungry. Cool colours (green, blues) help you feel calm and focused. Saturated hues (kelly green, cadmium orange) energize while soft colours (pistachio, burnt sienna ) are soothing. Light shades are happy and uplifting. 

Don’t be afraid to bring bright and bold colours into the hearth of your home. The right colour can bring together the existing features of your kitchen, giving your room a whole new look and feel. If you’re unsure what’s the best colour for your kitchen, talk to your local painting contractor. They have the knowledge and experience to not only recommend the best colour but also apply a quality product that will achieve the results you desire. 

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