Spring brings sunshine, bright colours and warm temperatures. Why not welcome this mellow, sunny season with some paint projects? Celebrate spring with floral accents or pastel walls. Imbue your space with a pop of colour. Painting projects can infuse your home with a breath of fresh spring air.

  • Renew your doors by switching up the colours. Paint your interior doors a cheerful hue. Try a different colour on each side! Give worn doorknobs a fresh coat of paint that makes your room look neater, tidier, well-maintained. Make a great impression with a bright, welcoming front door colour.
  • Restore cabinet interiors: Add a little personality to your cabinets with a coat of paint on the interior. Choose a shade that accentuates the room’s colour scheme and provides a pop of colour when you open them. Don’t forget the cabinets in your bathrooms, laundry room and storage area.
  • Revive those drawers with only a small quantity of paint. Coat the sides with a vibrant hue that provides an unexpected bit of fun when you open them.
  • Create a feature wall in your home office or powder room. Consider using stencils to create geometric or asymmetrical shapes. Try black and white for high contrast or a vivid hue for a playful burst of colour. 
  • Don’t forget the window trim, baseboards and door frames: Windows can be accented with more than blinds, drapes and curtains. Baseboards and door frames don’t have to be white! Painting trim is an effective and affordable way to create contrast.
  • Consider a mural to showcase your artistic streak! Murals can be a piece of personal artwork. Give the kids a paintbrush and see what transpires.
  • Stencil your patio: Has your concrete patio seen better days? Concrete stain, a stencil and a good quality brush can transform the look of an ageing terrace. Consider the same treatment for the floor of a covered porch and/or sidewalk. 
  • Revitalize a fireplace with whitewash or give a dated brick fireplace a cozy makeover with paint and glaze.
  • Revamp bathroom tile without the work of ripping out and replacing it. Paint is a cost-effective solution to transforming your tile. There are a number of special paints for the job. Try navy blue, hunter green, or black.
  • Try a mailbox makeover: Don’t have a lot of time or money? Boost your curb appeal by painting that old, tired mailbox in a vibrant shade. 

Let the warmth and light of spring into your home with one or more spring painting projects! A little time, imagination and colour go a long way to transforming your space. 

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