Not all paint contractors have the same skills and experience. Not all are reliable and/or professional. Some homeowners receive disappointing final results, a coat of paint that lacks visual appeal and won’t protect their home. Before signing off on a completed paint job, inspect your home. Look for signs of subpar paint application. The following are some of the signs of a bad paint job.

  • Air holes: If your painting contractor applies too few coats of paint, air holes may appear, then pop and expose the surface of your walls. This is not only aesthetically displeasing, but it can also lead to damage to the bare areas. 
  • Cracking and/or peeling: If your contractor waters down the paint, your walls may crack and peel approximately one month after the application. 
  • Smudging and/or wrinkling are a sign that the second coat of paint was applied before the first coat was dry and/or applied at too low of temperatures. 
  • Blisters, blotches and streaks occur when the paint has been contaminated with oil, dust and or moisture from poorly prepared walls. Paint doesn’t adhere well to a dirty surface or to a clean surface that has not finished drying.  
  • Flaws under new paint: Primer corrects minor surface flaws enabling the paint to go on smoothly, dry evenly and last longer. If a painter skips this step, water stains and other spots may show through the final coat of paint. Some patches and flaws are too rough for a primer to cover. These need to be spackled and sanded before paint is applied. Skipping primer and/or repair work results in rough patches showing through. 
  • Fading, discolouring and/or damage suggest that only one coat of paint was used where multiple coats were required.
  • Chalky appearance: If your contractor painted over high-gloss paint without sanding and/or thinned their paint, the surface will break down and chalk (develop a white, powdery film). 
  • Colour and finish don’t work in the space: A competent and knowledgeable painting contractor takes time to help clients choose the best colours and finishes for each room. They will use washable semi-gloss paint in high-traffic areas that require frequent cleaning (entryway, laundry room, bathroom) and a smooth matte finish in less heavily used spaces (bedroom, living room, dining room). They undertake a colour consultation, providing advice regarding colour choice based on lighting and decor. If you end up with a garish colour or a hard-to-wash finish, your contractor is not doing his job.   


What to do if you receive a bad paint job:

If you notice any signs of poor paint and/or subpar application, talk to your painting contractor. Make sure your concerns are addressed before paying the contractor in full. If the painter doesn’t attend to the issues, request a refund. 

Knowing the signs of a good and bad paint job helps you make smart choices. Poor quality paint  and inferior application detract from the aesthetics of your home. Always hire an experienced and reliable professional painter. Listen to their advice. They’ll help your home shine for many years.  

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