Painting a home before selling adds value to the property by providing a fresh clean appearance, creating a well-kept look, highlighting the features of the structure and making the house appear in great condition. It can increase the selling price and speed the sale.

As a real estate agent, you know the importance of making a good impression on potential home buyers. You know a home’s visual appeal can make or break a deal. One of the most effective ways to impress homebuyers and sell a home fast is to update the structure with a professional, high-quality paint job. A home with a beautifully painted interior and exterior instantly attracts potential buyers.  As realtors, you’re often in a position of recommending painting to homeowners who wish to sell and new homeowners interested in adding their own touch. What if you could guide them toward a professional painting contractor that would provide a timely, quality paint job?

At Cal-Res Coatings Ltd, we work extremely well with short notice projects while delivering industry-leading quality. We can add value to a seller’s home or personalize a new property for a buyer. We provide high-quality exterior painting services to make sure your home is protected from Calgary’s harsh weather patterns. We do interior painting as well; refinishing cabinets, railings, doors and trim and painting ceilings and walls. At Cal-Res Coatings Ltd, we provide unbeatable customer service and exceptional quality at a fair price. We make homes more stylish!

If you’re a realtor who needs a house painted quickly so it can be moved onto the market, we can offer that help affordably and in a timely manner. If you have new buyers who want a quality paint job done quickly, think of us. Trust us to help you with your business needs. You can benefit greatly from partnering with Cal Res Coatings.

Are you a realtor who could benefit from partnering with a professional residential painting company? Call the Calgary painting experts, Cal Res Coatings at (403) 835-4817. We’re a residential painting contractor that strives for quality, has an eye for detail and colour, and will not rest until your job is done to your satisfaction. Request a free quote today.

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