A fresh coat of exterior paint freshens the look and upgrades the curb appeal of your home. If you want a quality paint job, there‘s a lot of hard work that needs to be done before a brush ever touches your house. Pre-paint preparation pays huge dividends! The following is information on how to prepare your home for a new coat of exterior paint.

  • Clean: A clean surface is paramount to a good paint job. A pressure washer and detergent is a quick and easy way to clean the exterior surface of your home. Be careful when selecting the nozzle as you can damage wood or force water underlapped siding. A 40-degree angle nozzle is good to start with. Gradually work down to a 25-degree angle if the 40-degree nozzle isn’t getting the job done. No pressure washer? Use a garden hose and scrub brush with a long handle. If you have mould or mildew, use a mildewicide or a mixture of 1 quart of household bleach in 3 quarts of water. Rinse the surface after cleaning. Let dry completely, usually two days, before painting.
  • Scrape and sand: Look for bubbled, chipped, flaking and alligatored paint. Use a wire brush/scraping tool to remove this paint. Sand the edges of the area till flush. A power sander will speed the work but remember to wear a respirator, gloves, and eyewear.
  • Repair: Inspect your home’s exterior, looking for damaged areas (holes, cracks). Fill these areas with wood filler. Once dry, sand smooth. Caulk cracked seams between clapboards or along vertical junctions. Fill voids and cracks with caulk until it overflows. Wipe away excess with a damp rag or towel.
  • Remove old caulk: Check caulk around door trim, windowsills and other areas that need to be sealed. Remove old, cracked and damaged caul. Recaulk these areas. 
  • Prepare: Protect bushes, flowerbeds, deck and sidewalks with drop cloths. Tie up or cover shrubs to keep them from touching the fresh paint. Turn off any air conditioning units and cover them with plastic and tape.
  • Apply tape: Use painter’s tape to cover outlet boxes, utility heads, hose bibs and racks.
  • Watch the weather: Paint has a limited range of working temperatures. Too hot or too cold of conditions will affect cure time. Read labels to determine the conditions needed. Watch humidity levels and be aware of the possibility of rain.
  • Prime the surface to seal the material, create an air and moisture tight barrier and increase the adhesion of the finishing paint.

Preparing the exterior of your home for a fresh coat of paint takes time and effort! Don’t skip this step as proper prep will ensure a quality paint job. Not up to the task? Hire a professional residential painter. They have the knowledge, skill, experience and tools to prepare your home and provide you with a beautiful paint job that will last for a long time.

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