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In the last 20 years, vinyl siding has been installed on many homes. It boasts a low installation cost, is durable, almost maintenance-free and long-lasting. But what happens when your house starts to look dated? When you feel the need for a colour change or when the siding fades unevenly? Can you paint vinyl siding? The simple answer is YES!


  • Cleaning: Dirt, grime, a powdery residue, dust, mould and/or mildew can collect on vinyl siding. Use a mop, broom or scrub brush to clean it. A pressure washer is a quick and easy method but be careful not to force water beneath the siding. Use a solution of water, chlorine bleach and laundry detergent or opt for a mixture of TSP (trisodium phosphate) and water. For stubborn stains, try Softscrub. Rinse thoroughly. 
  • Repair: Inspect your siding. Look for dents and stray nail holes. Repair these with exterior grade spackling. Notice cracks between the siding and other surfaces. Fill them with a paintable acrylic caulk. Be careful that the caulk does not extend under the laps of the siding as you need to allow for expansion and contraction. Look for decayed wood, insect damage or moisture beneath your siding. Address any problems you find, before you paint.



Read the paint label to determine the ideal temperature range and painting conditions. It’s usually best to paint on a mild overcast day. Hot or cold temperatures affect how paint dries and wind and rain can ruin drying paint. Consider overnight temperatures, too. 


Applying Primer: 

To determine if you need a primer, apply your choice of finish paint to a small area of siding. Allow it to dry for several days. Scrape the dry paint with a fingernail, sand it lightly and/or apply masking tape and pull it off with a quick motion. If the paint comes off easily, a primer should be used. Use a 100% acrylic primer and apply using a paintbrush or a roller. For best colour coverage, tint the primer to a close match of the finish paint.



Choose a light colour as painting vinyl siding with a dark colour may cause the siding to warp. Check with the maker of the siding to determine what colours can be used. Use a 100% acrylic exterior grade paint. The better the grade of paint, the more durable and fade resistant it will be. It will also cover better and be easier to apply. An eggshell or satin finish is a good choice as it washes better than a flat paint, hides dents and has less glare than a high gloss paint. Apply with a synthetic bristle brush that matches the width or height of your siding or use a roller and handle extensions. You may need two coats of paint. Store leftover paint for touch-ups. Record the brand, colour name, colour number, colour formula and base for future reference.


To restore its appearance, wash your vinyl siding annually with a mild detergent. 


Breathe new life into your vinyl siding by repairing, cleaning, and painting. Remember to confirm that painting the siding won’t void the warranty. Comply with the siding manufacturer’s stipulations, such as the type and colour of paint to use. Sound like too big of a job? Contact your local residential painting company. They have the knowledge and experience to achieve the result you’re looking for.

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