Older homes have charm, coziness and character as well as quirky architectural features and details. They may have built in shelving, original wood floors, dutch doors, transom windows, laundry chutes, dumbwaiters, picture railings and/or ceiling medallions. Paint is a quick and easy way to give an old home new life while maintaining the integrity of its design. However, aged homes come with their own set of challenges (damaged walls, worn wood, tricky corners & trim, etc.). The following are some tips that will make painting your older home manageable. 

Be ready for prep work: Before repainting an older home (interior or exterior) it’s likely you’ll need to undertake massive amounts of prep. Many areas will need a deep clean before paint and primer will adhere. Water damage, rot and mildew often need to be addressed. Old layers of paint may require removal to avoid cratering, ridges and different levels of paint under the final product. An old popcorn ceiling might need removal, smoothing, priming and painting. On top of this, older houses are often full of surprises not found until preparation work begins. Prep can be time-consuming, labour-intensive and expensive. Be prepared! 

Use the right paint and the right tools: Plaster walls, exposed brick, glass blocks, wood panelling and concrete blocks with a decorative face are common in older homes. You’ll need to use the right paint and tools on these surfaces to ensure the longevity of your project. Check with a paint professional when painting unconventional or non-drywalled surfaces.

Consider your colour choices carefully: Older homes retain more character and charm when the colours used are in keeping with the home’s era. Choose colours that match the age and vibe of the home and bring out the home’s bones. You can’t go wrong with crisp, fresh white! Classic accent colours (charcoal grey, sage, blue, ochre, gold, pearl, molasses, jade, etc.)  bring out detailed work on porches, eaves and gables.  

Hire a professional painter: For best results, you need the experience, knowledge and skill of a professional painter. They’ll understand the challenges of an older home and know how to solve any problems encountered. You can hand off the extensive and difficult prep work! Professional painters also know which paints, tools and equipment are right for the surfaces of your older house and they can help you choose colours that retain your home’s original character.

If you’re ready to refresh and renew the paint on and/or in your older home, be prepared for massive prep work, carefully ponder your colour choices and use the right paint and tools. Consider a professional painter who will get the job done quickly, efficiently and correctly. 

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