When entering a house, the stairs and hallway are often the first things you see, setting the tone for the home’s overall look. Does your staircase lack impact? Does it make the impression you desire? Do your stairs need a refresh? Your staircase offers a great opportunity for you to get creative with paint, colour and pattern. The following are tips and suggestions for adding character to this small space that welcomes you into your home. 

  • Try a tonal look: Consider using a slightly different colour for the stairs than the walls, staying in the same colour family. Though not dramatic, this contrast creates depth and interest in a subdued neutral scheme. 
  • Paint the risers a contrasting colour: A riser is the vertical part of the stair between each tread. Painting risers in a contrasting colour adds detail and interest to your hallway. Try a bold colour (green, teal) or a neutral tone (grey, taupe). You can even paint each riser in a different colour, creating a rainbow or ombre stairs and making an impression on all who enter your home. 
  • Paint the treads: A stair tread is the horizontal part of the step that a person stands upon. Paint the treads for an inverted contrast. A dark hue on the treads with a light riser will make your stairway feel bright and airy while standing up to dirt. Make sure you choose a durable paint as treads experience a lot of wear and tear.
  • Match the treads to the walls for a cohesive feel. Green is a fresh, soothing choice and works well with natural wood flooring and wooden banisters. 
  • Match the banister: Paint the banisters in a matching shade to the steps to unite the look of the area. 
  • Go bold with a pattern: Use stencils to create an intricate pattern on the risers, injecting personality into your staircase. Patterns are perfect for this high-traffic area where dust, dirt and bumps are constant. 
  • Consider colour drenching: To colour drench a room is to take one colour and use tones and shades of it across many surfaces. This trick works especially well in a hallway. Paint the stairs, walls, radiator, ceiling and even floor in one shade to create a dramatic statement. Or, choose tonal colours from the same family to create impact without relying on one shade. 
  • Create drama on the wall beside the steps: Consider installing a dado rail (also called a chair rail), a moulding fixed horizontally to the wall, usually around the perimeter of a room. Paint below the rail with a bold colour to create a strip that guides the eye upwards, highlighting the incline of the staircase. 
  • Accent the landing: Use the staircase landing to add a touch of personal style. Make a small accent wall with a pop of colour. Try grey, saturated golden-yellow or a bold red.
  • Go dark for drama: If your hallway and staircase are flooded with natural light, add drama with a dark, rich hue. Consider blue-grey. 
  • Consider matching the front door: Using the same shade for the front door and the stair treads and risers create a cohesive look for the entrance to your home. Try a black front door and staircase teamed with white trim. Opt for shades of navy or a bold red. 

Your front hallway and staircase are as important as the living room and kitchen in regards to the feel and tone of your home. Stairs are often the first thing you see when you enter. Dress up your lacklustre staircase with a fresh, creative coat of paint. Make an impact with your colour choice and application. Transform your hallway into a welcoming entrance to your home.

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