Each year, paint companies and colour experts reveal their picks for the shade that best captures the feel of the current period. They draw on trends in pop culture, fashion, technology, and design from around the world. This year we see richer colour tones than last year’s colour trends, but we’re still getting colour inspiration from nature. The following are the 2023 colour trends chosen by a variety of prominent paint companies.


  • Benjamin Moore’s pick for the 2023 colour of the year is a cheerful coral shade tinged with pink and called Raspberry Blush. This charismatic colour makes a statement! Use it as a colour accent or go bold and paint an entire room. The complimentary shades in Benjamin Moore’s 2023 pallet offer inspiration and creativity while encouraging a push beyond the traditional to experience truly exceptional colour.  
  • PPG and Glidden’s colour of the year is a versatile teal shade that combines bold blue and refined green into a jewel-toned hue, Vining Ivy. This calming, ultra-rich colour communicates tranquillity and balance. It’s energizing, yet grounding and works in any space. PPG and Glidden have also chosen three colour palettes that complement the new colour of the year. 
      • Serenity is a graceful palette of milky pastels, watery tones and warm neutral shades. 
      • Origin is an earthy, well-balanced colour palette. 
      • Duality is full of bright, clean pastels and strong neutrals.  
  • Sherwin-Williams Redend Point is a warm blush beige, suggestive of desert tones, that works as a colour accent with cooler colour tones. It’s the perfect warm neutral for any room; not too light, not too dark, not too sweet, and not too moody. Redend is a calming hue that embraces th connection with the natural world and blends well with wood and natural textiles. It can be used in almost any room and shines in unexpected contexts.
  • Dulux’s colour of the year is Wild Wonder, a natural yellow hue that brings the outdoors in. This glowing and uplifting tone makes us feel connected with nature, balanced and calm. Dulux has created three complementary, emotive palettes inspired by the desire to reconnect with nature and revive our spirits.
      • Balance is a palette of serene oceanic blues and weathered pastels that create a calm atmosphere in your home.
      • Connect is a palette consisting of earth based hues that reflect a simple lifestyle.
      • Revive adds joy to your home with eclectic bright hues that mix nostalgic elements.
  • Behr’s 2023 colour of the year is a warm white shade that offers endless design and decor opportunities. Blank Canvas will help you unwind, destress and feel positive. It promotes relaxation, creates a sense of calm and makes you feel renewed and focused. Blank Canvas is a rich, versatile, timeless shade that works well as the foundation colour of a home. 
  • Dunn-Edwards 2023 colour of the year, Terra Rosa is a deep, rosy pink hue with a touch of terra-cotta influence. It exudes confidence, creativity and coziness. This cinnamon rose shade is a strong and refreshing neutral, filled with joy. It’s grounding but with a touch of drama. Terra Rosa can be both a neutral and empowering statement colour and acts as a connection to the past, through rose-tinted glasses. This soothing and gentle hue is inspired by nature, local materials and locally handcrafted items.
  • Valspar’s 2023 colours of the year are beautiful, livable, ready-to-go shades that restore and rejuvenate any space. 
    • Ivory Brown: Soft and light, this natural colour is calming, positive and full of possibilities.
    • Cozy White is a comfortable, warm white that elevates a room when paired with earthy wood tones and neutrals.
    • Gentle Violet: Youthful and sophisticated, this softened violet embodies harmony and connectivity when accented with colourful naturals.
    • Blue Arrow: A cooled-down blue with a yellow undertone that brings a modern charm to any space.
    • Flora: Sophisticated and charming, this shade helps us appreciate what we have in life.
    • Desert Carnation: Naturally warm, this colour promotes comfort and self-expression with an elevated touch.
    • Green Trellis: Inspired by nature when paired with modern elements, this colour creates a look that has a contemporary charm.
    • Rising Tide: An uplifting backdrop, tying a colourful eclectic aesthetic together in a room for a personalized look.
    • Holmes Cream: A classic, dependable tan that embraces sunlight, creating a welcoming environment. 
    • Southern Road: Grounded and natural, this muted clay embraces a life of simplicity and contentment.
    • Villa Grey: Natural and refined, this balanced neutral creates a clean interior for a stress-free aesthetic.
    • Everglade Deck: A midnight blue that balances elegance and calm, creating a restorative space.

Colour plays a major role in how we live within our homes. The colours we thoughtfully select for our walls, furniture and cabinetry serve as the backdrop to our everyday lives. More than purely decorative, colour is emotive, changing how we feel in our personal sanctuary. Warm neutrals and earth tones inspire us to slow down in our homes and seek out comfort and peace. Bold, sunny shades and bright colours encourage us to incorporate more joy into our routine. Use the 2023 colours of the year to help you move forward to a fresh start and add more colour to your life. Try some of the warm, calming shades and ensure that you relax and feel good at home. Take into account your personal style and the space in which you will apply the colours. Have fun with the colour trends of 2023!

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