You spend a large amount of time at work each day and you want your office to be a place of motivation, creativity and productivity. You want to feel focused, energized and relaxed. It would be great if your office could also be tranquil and sophisticated. Paint colour is one of the key ways to set the tone for your office space. Gone are the days of white minimalism, bulky desks, fluorescent lighting, and drab paint. Colour has made a comeback at the office!

How do you choose the best paint colour for your office?

Before you choose a paint colour for your office, think about what type of work is done in the space. Is it a place of focus? If so, choose a neutral colour (beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, white). Do you require an upbeat and energizing vibe? Try a pop of colour on an accent wall. If you need to be creative, choose a paint colour that inspires you. If you need to be focused and grounded, muted paint colours will reduce distractions.

Factors to consider when choosing paint colour for the office:

There are many elements to consider when choosing a colour for your workplace. 

  • The purpose of your space: Understated tones (gray, white) are great for professional environments (banks, lawyers’ offices, dentists’ offices). Bold and tantalizing colours influence shoppers and work well for retail spaces (red, orange). 
  • Check the natural lighting: Offices with little natural light require lighter tones while rooms with plentiful natural light benefit from darker tones. 
  • Consider colour impact: Colours have a psychological impact on workers, visitors and clients. Blue and black support inner work and help people to concentrate. Red increases energy while green is associated with decisiveness. 
  • The size of the space: Open a small office space with light colours and make an expansive space more intimate with dark colours. 
  • What temperature do you want: Warm up your office space with orange-red, yellow and/or peach. Cool down a space with light blue or light green. 
  • Consider adjacent spaces: In order for your office to flow, choose colours that create a cohesive look with adjacent spaces. Use transition colours in the hallways to prevent an abrupt change. 
  • Note large elements: Be aware of woodwork, art, cabinets, rugs and other large elements in the office space as they will set the tone and help you choose the right paint colour combinations.

What office colours are trending in 2022?

Office colour trends of 2022 are based on the best colours for increasing productivity and enhancing employee motivation. 

  • Light blue: Associated with calmness and peace, light blue is great for finance and accounting offices. It increases productivity and exudes confidence and professionalism. Combine with white and a touch of orange for a bold look. 
  • Red: Red raises heart rate and blood flow making it a colour of productivity. If your profession requires lots of physical activity and/or mental alertness, red is a good choice. Combine it with a neutral palette so as not to overuse this hue which can result in hostility and competition. 
  • Black: Though black can make a space feel smaller, it exudes confidence and elegance. Black is associated with dominance and power making it a great choice for executive rooms and the boss’ office. 
  • White: White walls represent peace and tranquillity. It’s always been a popular hue because of its universal friendliness and timelessness. Try a cream or beige colour as this blend is excellent for providing calmness in your workplace.
  • Yellow: This trendy office colour is thought to increase attention and memory making it perfect for instructional spaces. Consider adding yellow behind your whiteboard in the meeting room. Don’t go overboard as yellow can be overstimulating. 
  • Orange: This hue brightens up a sluggish, slow office space. Try it on an accent wall. Just be careful not to overdo this shade.
  • Green: Green is associated with prosperity, tranquillity and reassurance. It’s a great hue for offices in the financial industry.
  • Brown: This shade radiates strength, power and masculinity. It feels warm and supportive and yet denotes hard work and perseverance. Combine it with green, blue or ivory to create a smart, stylish office aesthetic. 
  • Teal transforms a workspace into a productivity machine. It’s a great look in a professional setting such as a lawyer’s office. 
  • Gray is a neutral colour and creates excitement about the work. It’s not commonly used so it’ll make your office unique.

Colours to avoid when painting your office interior:

There are some colours and colour combinations that are not beneficial for an office space. 

  • Too much yellow or orange: These shades can overstimulate workers and cause office instability. Use just a bit!
  • Lime: Too much lime makes it difficult for office workers to concentrate.
  • Bright pink is a distracting colour, too bold and lacking sincerity. 
  • Too much red: Use red sparingly as it increases metabolism and promotes aggression. 
  • Bold colours in a small office space can be distracting.
  • Only white is too sterile, harsh and distracting and can reduce productivity. Add some pops of colour if white is your choice. 

Who can help me pick paint colours?

Choosing the right colours for your office really matters! Talk to a professional painting contractor. They have the knowledge, experience and training to help you make informed decisions regarding the colour of your office space. 

A quick coat of paint is one of the most effective and affordable ways to boost the energy of any office space. Consider the size, purpose and colour of your office when choosing the perfect hue. Pay attention to the permanent elements and the type of work environment you wish to create. Still not sure? Talk to a professional painting contractor. They can help you find just the right shade for your needs. 


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