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The bedroom is often the last space in your home to be updated. The rooms in which family and friends gather generally get all the attention. But with just a little paint and some attention to detail, your bedroom can become a personal sanctuary, a cosy retreat from your hectic life. Paint is a quick and inexpensive way to enhance the mood of a space and provide a fresh backdrop for your furnishings. Don’t have the time or money to repaint the whole room? Try creating a feature by painting a single wall in a complementary hue. The following are some tips and ideas for transforming your bedroom into a distinctive getaway:


Consider subtle hues: Choose soothing shades (blue, lavender, green) to create a calm and serene space. Jewel tones (toasty brown, deep pomegranate, topaz) create coziness.

Go for a monochromatic look: Try covering your room in a single hue to create a cozy feel. Add definition by applying a slightly darker tone to the trim.

Create a romantic mood: If you’re looking for an intimate feel, create an oasis for you and your partner with darker, warmer colours that excite the mind and body. A deep shade of red (burgundy, deep ruby) can spark passion and encourage optimism. Accents of brown (caramel, chocolate) will evoke feelings of warmth, comfort and security. 

Boost your spirits: Need energy in the morning? To promote cheer and increase vitality, go for a warm colour in a bright shade (gold, honey, peach, terra cotta).

Don’t forget the fifth wall: Painting the ceiling is an easy way to transform the ambiance of your bedroom. Add a subtle pattern or soft colour. Try a lighter version of the hue on the walls. Consider a decorative paint treatment to bring a feeling of comfort and intimacy.


Even a small change can make a huge difference! Carefully chosen and applied paint can enhance your mood, create a feeling of space and turn your bedroom into a refuge from the world. Not a DIY person? Contact your local paint contractor. They will have the knowledge, skill and experience to help you create the look and atmosphere you desire. 


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