You’ve decided to have your home professionally painted. You’ve found a reputable residential painting contractor, communicated your needs, received a quote, signed a contract and established a painting date. It’s time to prepare your home for the painters. Though professional painters do preparation work, knowing how to get the house ready will save time and money and ensure the process goes smoothly. The following are some tips and techniques for preparing your home for the services of a professional painter. 

  • Address the furniture: Remove small furnishings (coffee table, lights stands, ottomans, small chairs), wall hangings (picture frames, paintings, clocks, mirrors, candle holders, decorative wall art) and knick-knacks. Store them away from the area to be painted. Move large furniture to the center of the room (sofas, suites, beds, dining table, large chairs) and cover it with sheets or tarps. This gives painters room to move and limits the possibility of damage to your belongings. 
  • Deal with electronics and appliances: Remove or cover electronics and appliances (television, sound system, gaming system, stove, fridge). 
  • Protect soft furnishing: Remove fabric items (mats, rugs, linens, throws) and window treatments (curtains, drapes, blinds) and store them away from the area to be painted.
  • Prepare and clean walls: The dust, dirt, and stains that build upon the walls over time become even more visible when walls are re-painted. Take time to clean the walls. Use a long handle broom or a small vacuum to dust and remove cobwebs. Use water, detergent, and a sponge to wipe away remaining debris and stains. Allow to dry thoroughly. 
  • Clean out cabinets and closets: If you’re having a bathroom and/or kitchen cabinets painted, move all items out and find a safe place to store them. Likewise with closets. 
  • Vacate the area: Put pets in a kennel or with the neighbour. Arrange for children to stay with family or friends. Make sure you’re not underfoot. By keeping everyone away from the site, you help the painting crew get the work done quickly.
  • Talk to your painter regarding what preparations they would like you to make and which they will do themselves. Ask if the crew addresses minor repair issues. Who should patch up nail holes and small dents? What cleaning methods work best for prepping your walls for paint? Ask what insurance coverage the interior house painter has and who is responsible for accidental damage.

Preparation reduces the time it takes to finish the job, protects valuable articles, and saves you money. The easier you make the work for the paint crew, the more efficient the job and the less the painting will cost. Most painting firms take care of some of the prep in accordance with their arrangements, but there are still steps you can take ahead of time to help the job go quickly and smoothly.

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