Is your stucco looking a little worse for wear? Do you notice stains, cracks and faded areas? Stucco is a gorgeous house finish, but it has its challenges! If you wish to preserve your stucco and keep it looking its best, call a professional commercial painter.

Stucco is a combination of sand, water and powdered limestone or cement, mixed to a mortar-like consistency, applied over metal wire or lath and allowed to cure to a hard, durable state. This finish can last over 20 years without peeling and/or blistering! When the need arises, stucco can be refreshed with the application of paint. But why, when and how should you paint your stucco?

Why paint your stucco?

Over time, stucco develops water and rust stains. When painted with a quality product, these stains will not only disappear but they won’t reappear for years! Paint also fills and covers hairline cracks, protects against damage by UV rays and makes stucco weather resistant. This allows your colour to remain consistent even in rainy periods and helps your home maintain an attractive appearance for many years. 

When to paint your stucco:

Timing regarding stucco renewal will depend upon the climate of your area and the original quality of the stucco. Inspect your stucco every couple of years to determine whether it needs repainting. Look for heavy staining, thin cracks, long cracks, bulges in the stucco finish and missing stucco. Pay attention to missing and/or aged caulk. 

How to paint your stucco: 

Painting stucco is a complex and involved job and is best done by a contractor with stucco painting experience. The basic procedure is as follows:

  • Inspect the home’s stucco for cracks, missing patches, mould and stains. 
  • Clean: Use a stiff-bristled push broom to remove dust and dirt from the surface. If this does not remove all debris, use a power washer. Scrub particularly dirty areas (beneath windows, close to the ground) with a coarse nylon brush and a solution of 1/3 cup powdered laundry detergent, 4 cups bleach and 1 gallon of hot water. Allow to dry completely before caulking and/or repairing. Treat any mould/mildew with a mould removal solution. 
  • Fix hairline cracks (1/8″ or smaller) with masonry caulking. For larger cracks, use a putty knife and stucco patching compound. Allow curing 7 to 10 days before painting. 
  • Cover windows, doors, vents, soffits, roof, decks, pavers and anything else you do not want to be painted. Apply painter’s tape around the door and window trim.
  • Check the weather to ensure a few sunny days are expected. 
  • Prime anywhere new masonry has been applied or any areas that are extremely weathered. Use a bonding primer to promote adhesion and avoid uneven paint and inconsistent colour. Allow to dry.
  • Paint the stucco using a thick nap roller and sprayer and apply elastomeric paint, a product with superior adherence and flexibility allowing it to cover cracks and patches with ease. Stucco needs a lot of paint to fill in all of the cavities and surfaces, One gallon should be applied for every 50-75 square feet. Spray and back-roll two coats to ensure even coverage, proper adhesion and to prevent flashing. Allow to dry.
  • Inspect the coating to ensure it is even in appearance and there are no missed areas, runs, streaking, etc.
  • Remove the painter’s tape and coverings.


A fresh coat of paint can revitalize cracked, stained stucco and offer many benefits. The right paint applied correctly can last 15 years, or more! So check out your stucco. Is it time to refresh your exterior finish? Contact a professional painter who specializes in stucco painting. They will know what type of paint to use, make suggestions regarding colour selection and deliver high-quality results that will last for years. 

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