How to Hire an Excellent Interior Painter

How to Hire an Excellent Interior Painter

you have considered painting your interior you’ve probably considered doing it yourself; and as you realized all of the weekends lost, and peered up at your giant vaulted ceiling and felt your knees start to knock together with terror you also considered hiring a professional. As the idea of hiring a pro became more & more appealling you probably thought…

How do I hire an interior painter?

or better yet

How do I hire an excellent interior painter?

because who really wants to hire an okay, or a mediocre, or a hobbyist painter? I’m sure most who considered the first possibility likely would describe themselves as one of these kinds of painters.

Yet determining who is and who isn’t a professional; and what is or isn’t a professional job is quite difficult with limited knowledge of the trade.

Since I believe that anyone who pays for a professional deserves a professional I would like to point out 5 key differences between a good painter and a professional painter.

5 Things Professional Painters Do That Amateur Painters Don’t:

1. A professional painter will cover floors, woodwork, kitchen counters, furniture, remove socket & switch covers

2. A professional painter will use a light to prepare walls; this will ensure all surface imperfections have been repaired and the walls will be smooth and they will do it before and after first coat

3. A professional painter will pole sand walls before first and second coat

4. A professional painter will either use a 10mm roller for walls or back roll the product to ensure even application and smooth texture

5. A professional painter will do their own touch-ups; they will not hand the customer a roll of tape to do their job for them

This what preparation done by a professional painter looks like:

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This is what a professionally painted feature wall looks like:

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Ask potential painters how they plan on performing preparation and if they do not mention any of the points above they are likely not an excellent painter.

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