The stressors of current times are many and varied! When returning home, most people want to relax, unwind and find peace. Interestingly, the paint colours you choose can have a dramatic effect on the mood of a room and the overall atmosphere of your home. Here are some ways to create a calming space with paint!

  • Blue is relaxing, soothing and calming; reducing blood pressure, slowing respiration and reducing heart rate. It’s an ideal colour to use in a bedroom since it can help you sleep. It improves focus and productivity making it perfect for an office or homework area. Beware of dark blues as they invoke sadness and some pastel blues feel chilly when there is no natural light. Try blues with warm muted tones. Consider periwinkle, cerulean or turquoise for the family room, living room or kitchen. Sky blue feels tranquil in any space.
  • Violet has a blue base, making it a calming hue. A soft lilac tone brings balance and inner peace. Lavender is regal and relaxing but doesn’t overwhelm making it perfect for a bedroom. Add softness to a formal room with lavender and a crisp white trim. Pair it with aqua or chartreuse for a happy space. Pastel purple is great for an accent wall in the living or dining room. Beware of deep purple as it is associated with sadness and frustration. 
  • Pink is a calming colour. Pastel pink brings an element of peace to a space. Brighter shades have too much red, leaving you feeling overstimulated. When choosing a shade of pink, think soft and light. Dusty pink as a wall colour or accent creates feelings of peace and security. 
  • Green is a restful colour and has a calming effect, helping people relax and unwind. It promotes comfort and togetherness and is suited for any room of your home. Try celery green in the kitchen for a light and airy feel. Give your bathroom a spa feel by mixing blue-green with gray and white. Spruce green or evergreen will add a hushed mood to a den or library. Pale shades of green create a contemporary look that feels fresh and clean. Mix green with wood tones for an organic, natural feel. Gray-green, moss and olive green are great for the exterior of a home. Citrus green will brighten a gloomy room and hunter green makes a front door welcoming. Try green in the entry to create a natural link to the outdoors.
  • Gray is calm, serene and sophisticated and makes other colours sing. Solid gray feels strong while soft gray has a delicate feel. Use it as a neutral background colour or mix a few shades of gray to create glamour. Gray will make your wood accents shine! Driftwood gray adds a relaxing beach feel to a room while deep charcoal makes a quiet background for more vibrant colours. Gray and white provide a clean crisp look for kitchens and bathrooms. Try gray for highlighting the architecture on the exterior of your house. Consider cloud gray, ecru, and fawn for a soft, inviting, peaceful feel.
  • Yellow makes people feel calm, cheerful, energetic, optimistic and happy! It activates memory, stimulates the nervous system, promotes communication and sparks creativity. Be careful not to overuse it as it can cause fatigue and anxiety. Soft buttery yellow is more calming than brighter versions. Muted yellow is a soothing peaceful neutral, while sun-kissed yellow adds warmth and peace to a room. Pale ocher and muted gold are timeless. Golden yellow with a touch of moss brown creates a rustic Old World charm that calms. Opt for golden honey yellow in the kitchen, especially if you have lots of wood. Straw-yellow imitates candlelight making it the perfect peaceful hue for a dining room.
  • Neutrals: Zap stress and create a calming effect with relaxing neutral hues. Tan is warm and serene, reminding us of candlelight and creating a relaxing atmosphere. Beige is calm and reassuring, great for a bedroom as it promotes tranquil sleep. As these neutrals are muted, use complementary accent colours (sea green, gray, soft mint) to bring liveliness to the space. 
  • White is a calming choice but only if you are aware of the subtle tones. Too dull and it’s a downer. Too bright and it feels clinical. To use white for calming, choose a warm creamy version. Then include accent pillows, rugs and/or artwork to add beauty to your sanctuary.

Creating a beautiful home that serves as a safe and calm sanctuary is more important than ever! The right paint colour has the power to help in this endeavour. Choose your paint colours carefully and deliberately to help you achieve the peace you crave. 

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