Do you have a large painting project that requires extensive preparation and would benefit from painting experience? Are you thinking of hiring a professional residential painter? Not all painters deliver the same quality of service and/or use quality paint products. It’s important to know that you’re hiring a professional, with the knowledge, experience and tools to complete your job on time and provide a high-quality, long-lasting result. 

What is a residential painter?

If you’re seeking someone to paint your home, you’re looking for a residential painter. Residential painters paint the interior and exterior walls, porches and trim of a house. They have specialized knowledge in the selection of paint types, adding details (texturing, borders, etc.) and sometimes in staining, wallpapering and drywall repair. A residential painter will deal directly with a homeowner to ensure the job is completed to their satisfaction.

How to tell if your residential painter is professional?

There are some standards of service that set professional residential painters apart. They include:

  • An estimate: A quality professional painting company assesses the area to be painted, reviews options with you and provides a quote. This estimate should include prep work, painting and clean-up as well as a rough timeline of how long the project will take.
  • A contract: A good painting company provides a contract that:
  • Describes the scope of the work 
  • Gives the cost of supplies as well as labour
  • Provides an estimated work schedule  
  • Describes the types of paint to be used
  • Lists the painting supplies
  • Details of services to be provided
  • Details of fees, payments and discounts
  • Colour advice: A quality painting company advises and assists in the choosing of colours that complement each other and is knowledgeable regarding the latest colour trends that can increase the value of your property.
  • References: A company that is proud of its service record provides you with references; a list of homes that they have painted. Contact these homeowners. Ask about their experience and if you can drop by to view their home. Look at a variety of older and newer projects.
  • A guarantee: Besides the guarantee offered on the products by the paint manufacturers, most reputable painting companies have a written guarantee to correct any chipping, peeling, blistering, flaking, or excessive fading or chalking that occurs within a determined number of weeks/months. Ask your contractor for a written copy of their guarantee and review it.
  • Great customer service: Professional painters have a knowledgeable and personable customer service department that’s willing to answer your questions, discuss the details of the project and return your calls. 
  • Professional equipment and supplies: A quality professional painting company uses commercial painting tools to create a flawless finish. They have all supplies needed (tarps, drop cloths, painter’s tape, brushes, rollers, and scrapers) and use high-quality paint and primer. 
  • Preparation, painting and clean-up: Professional painters wash surfaces, sand and fill holes and cracks. They’ll protect furniture, flooring and fixtures with drop cloths and tape off areas not to be painted. Primer and paint are applied followed by extensive clean-up. 
  • A final walk-through is done to ensure that the finished product meets your expectations. A quality company offers a warranty, not only on the paint but on their work as well. 

When you’re ready to tackle that tricky, time-consuming paint project, let the professionals help. Choosing a reputable residential painting company means you’ll receive a quality paint application, in a timely manner, using the best product. Look for a painting company that has excellent equipment, can suggest colour schemes, does extensive preparation and cleans after the work is done. Ask for references and a guarantee. You won’t be sorry you’ve chosen a professional residential painter.

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