Hot Hues: 5 Popular Exterior Paint Colors You Must Consider

Are you ready to give your home a makeover? What’s the most transformative thing you can do to facelift its exterior?

A new paint job looks great for you now. It also has an estimated 51% return on investment. With this project, you could boost your home’s value up to 5% at least!

So, how to choose your exterior paint colors? There are a few things to consider —we’ll go over those later in this guide.

Know that for this project; you’ll likely need to hire professionals. But the sooner you’ve chosen your color scheme, the sooner they can get to work on brightening your home. They can also work with you to come up with ideas if you’re in a rut!

But that won’t happen after you check out these 5 great colors to take inspiration from today!

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

For one, the look of your home affects the whole block. Make sure that your dreams align with the look and feel of your surroundings, too.

Next, what’s your home’s history? Could you get away with a blue front door? Use this to determine your route, whether it be more traditional or more contemporary.

Last, consider multiple hues and shades of colors to give you your desired outcome. You’ll have your all-over, field color, your trim, and your accents. Can you visualize these coming together to create your vision?

Now let’s taste the rainbow.

5 Popular Color Ideas of 2019

Here are some styles you’ll see when driving around town next.

1. For the Traditionalist – If you’re into a more classic look, consider a navy blue field color with white trim. This spacious color looks grounded and homey. This works well with grey or wood-hued roofs, shingles, and accents.

2. For the Modernist – For something as bright as your outlook on life, try a soft lemon yellow. This will make your home stand out — yet somehow remain understated and neutral.

3. For the Minimalist – You’re a calm, serene person worthy of a desert, beige-hued home. It’s durable, earthy, and one with the elements. This color looks great with deeper-hued accents like navy or granite.

4. For the Fancy – A smoky, fall-inspired red looks great when spread out over a beautiful home. This color invokes warmth, prestige, and a cozy abode that calls on memories of sitting by the fire.

5. For the Out-of-the-Box – If you want to look nothing like the homes on your block, consider a unique color that doesn’t appear outlandish. You can achieve this through pretty blushes, light roses, and peachy pinks.

Pair this with creamy accents, and you’ve got a modern-day paradise.

When it comes to exterior paint jobs, these colors are having their 15 years of fame. (Because let’s be honest — 15 minutes isn’t long enough.)

A Facelift for Your Home

Have you decided on your exterior paint colors yet?

Whether you keep it classic or go for a modern upgrade, you can’t go wrong. You’ll love walking up to a brand-new home, a place you know and love — but with a shiny new shell. A new paint job feels like a fresh pedicure, freshly-cut grass, a new furniture re-arrangement.

We hope these tips helped. We’ve got much more where they came from.

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