You’re expecting a baby! It’s an exciting and busy time! You may be tempted to dash any old colour on the walls of your nursery as there are so many other details to attend to. It’s important to remember that your baby will spend a great deal of time sleeping and playing in this space. The colour you pick can affect your baby’s mood, sleep patterns and even how much they eat. You’ll want the nursery to feel soothing, serene and nurturing. It would also be great if the colour could evolve with the room so you need only change the furniture as your child grows. It may seem impossible to pick the perfect colour from that sea of tiny paper paint chips! The following are some suggestions for great colours for the nursery.

  • Light Gray creates a comforting, calming nursery atmosphere. Use bright accessories (white, pink, purple, green, gold) to lighten the room and make it pop. Consider adding decals (stripes, stars, trees, animals). Avoid dark and stormy grays. Opt for dove, silver or blue-grey. 
  • Green reminds us of nature giving the nursery a sense of peace and security. It’s associated with health, healing and well-being. Choose a light to medium green in an earthy hue such as sage, apple, olive or moss. Blue greens (mint, aquamarine, seafoam) are also an excellent choice.
  • Neutral shades have a warm, grounding effect, creating a cozy atmosphere. Earthy shades of beige and brown give your baby’s eyes a rest from stimulating colour and contrast. They allow your little one to wind down and sleep. Try taupe, light beige, tan or chocolate brown. 
  • Soft yellow is cheerful and cozy, creating a welcoming glow in the nursery. An energizing light yellow or a pale yellow-green are playful and calm choices.
  • Subtle blues relax both mind and body. They lower blood pressure, heart rate and respiration, cooling the body and preparing it for sleep. Blue decreases anxiety and nervousness making it perfect for your baby’s rest. Soft calming blues (powder blue, aqua, turquoise, periwinkle) are a great choice!
  • Pinks and purples have the soothing properties of blue and create a soft, serene and calming atmosphere. Be careful not to go too dark! Gentle tones of pink are the best choice (pastel, peach, baby) as they make the nursery feel cozy and warm. Lavender and lilac are good purple choices but remember that purple appears darker than expected when on the wall. 
  • Soothing white evokes serenity and peace. Avoid harsh, blue whites. Opt for creamy shades (ivory, antique, pearl, cream, vanilla). Add warmth and richness by incorporating earthy textures in the room like wicker and/or wood.

Transform your nursery into a soothing sleep sanctuary with the careful choice of wall colour. Have fun creating the perfect place for you and your new baby to relax and bond. 

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