Can You Fight an HOA Violation for Outdoor Paint Colors?

Can You Fight an HOA Violation for Outdoor Paint Colors?

Homeowner’s Associations are rather rare in Canada. However, if you live in one, you’ve probably heard of HOA violations.

One of an HOA’s main features is their rules and regulations. These are in place to protect, and even improve, property values. Of course, it can still be a hassle to ensure you’re following every guideline when making changes to your home.

The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is an HOA violation. In most cases, the HOA can subject you to fines for something as simple as a paint violation.

Check out this guideline to see how you can fight paint color violations.

Understand Your HOA

The first step to fight HOA violations is to know your enemy. Should you choose to fight internally, rather than externally in court, you will need to know the inner workings of this group.

Don’t let your HOA fines gather dust as you fight them. This will only increase your costs should you later lose. You can pay them now and contest them later.

The information you gather from neighbors can be extremely valuable. You can even sway an HOA decision by collecting neighborhood support, showing the democratic power behind voting HOA board members in and out.

Of course, don’t forget to attend the HOA board meetings so you can see how the HOA comes to its decisions, as well as have a record of past decisions.

Be Proactive

When fighting an HOA violation, it’s crucial to document your fight. Remember, this is a legal battle with some serious consequences if you lose.

Asking for HOA approval to paint your home is a reasonable request. If you are not getting a reasonable response, it is your right to take them to court and have a judge demand that they meet your needs.

Before going to court, make sure to thoroughly review your HOA’s rules. Any vague language can be used to combat their argument. You might even find contradictory language in there, and that can help your case.

Any communication with your HOA should be kept. Even if you have verbal contact, write down a summary of what you understood and send it to your HOA, expecting a response if they feel you misunderstood anything. Even if you don’t get a response, that letter will stand as evidence in court.

Know Your Legal Rights

In many states, the courts have already passed laws limiting the power of HOA boards. Make sure to check your state laws to see how these impact you.

Obviously, it follows that HOA boards cannot violate federal law. This is especially important in regard to discrimination. If you feel you’re being fined for things that other homeowners have freely done, you have grounds for legal action.

Fight HOA Violations

One of the best ways to fight HOA violations is to avoid them altogether. You can do this by hiring a professional painter for your home improvement projects.

If you’re looking to hire an expert familiar with the countless HOA paint guidelines many homeowners face, contact us today.

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