Having a home gym is a convenient and easy way to train and stay in shape. Consider yourself blessed if you have your own private exercise space! But, does your home gym feel dark and dingy? Does it depress you rather than motivate you to exercise? A simple coat of paint can transform your workout space into a warm, inviting, stimulating area. Be aware that the colour you choose is critical. Some colours are perfect for powerlifting and fast-paced, strenuous workouts. Other hues are best for slower, more meditative exercise. The following are some of the best colours to brighten up your home gym.

Colours for high impact, fast and/or heavy workouts: 

  • Red is great for running, cycling and powerlifting. It evokes high energy and excitement, giving you a psychological boost to power up your workout. It’s an action colour; bold, vigorous and stimulating. This hue is associated with strength and resilience and compliments the silvers and blacks found in most exercise equipment. Light shades of red promote a sense of well-being and happiness. Does an all-red room seem like too much? Consider red for a feature wall in your home gym or use small amounts of red around the room; in accents, decor and/or art. Combine it with white for a balanced feel. 
  • Orange is perfect for high-impact cardio workouts. It energizes! Orange combines the power of red and the calming elements of white and yellow. It’ll make you feel warm, positive, youthful and enthusiastic. This hue conveys a sense of fun and physical comfort. Its liveliness injects pizzazz into your exercise. Be aware that too much orange can be too overpowering. Balance it out with plain and/or muted colours. 
  • Blue elicits feelings of calm, composure and concentration, helping you keep your mind on your exercise. Pale, light and navy blue teamed with orange, yellow or white can slow down breathing and bring down blood pressure. Use blue if you like weightlifting or need to focus on fitness videos. 
  • Yellow creates high energy. A soft yellow adds a bit of sunshine. Neon yellow stimulates, giving you a boost of energy when needed. Beware of overusing yellow as it can make a room heat up.
  • Purple elicits feelings of energy, stimulation and alertness. It helps you feel motivated and is associated with power. Be careful as too much purple can be distracting. This is especially true if you choose dark or bright shades. 
  • Neon colours help you feel alert and energetic. These hues are excellent for accent walls and/or trim. Try exercise bands, weights, mats, towels and water bottles in neon yellow, orange, aqua and pink. 

Meditative and/or intentional workouts

  • White is peaceful, relaxing and optimistic, perfect for yoga and pilates. This colour minimizes distraction, allowing you to get to it! It can be accented with blues, oranges, greens and hardwoods.
  • Green is soothing, calming and renewing, providing grounding energy for your daily practice. It promotes relaxation, improves focus and boosts concentration. This hue’s peaceful and restorative nature makes it perfect for yoga and stretching. Opt for light tones inspired by nature. Is your gym in the basement? Choose green, warmed with yellow. If your gym is in a south-facing rec room, consider a blue/green mix.
  • Lavender is calming, perfect for yoga or meditation. It’s an uplifting, optimistic and inspiring colour. Pair it with natural organic hues to create a sense of calm.

In the end, the colour you choose for your home gym should make you happy, inspire and motivate you. Not sure how much colour you want? Try painting one wall or a half wall with a chair rail trim. Try it out for a while and see how it makes you feel.

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