Painting the front door and the doors of the garage is a tried and true way to boost the curb appeal of your home and increase its value. It’s an inexpensive project that can have a powerful impact. 

Why paint the front and garage doors?

The front door is the first thing that visitors notice! Greet them with a door that is appealing and welcoming. If you’re trying to sell, the facade of your home is the first impression to greet potential buyers. Make it a memorable and positive one with an eye-catching colour on the front and garage doors.

What colour should I paint the front and garage doors?

Take a ho-hum facade and turn it into a wow factor for your home by choosing a great colour!

  • Consider the classics: For a timeless look, try a neutral hue (brown, black, gray, deep red, navy blue). Even if you alter your home’s exterior, these colours will still be relevant. 
  • Dare to be bold: The front and garage doors are a small area so try something bold (orange, yellow, lime green, burgundy, forest green or eggplant).

Other tips:

  • Use the right paint: To prevent peeling and fading choose a latex exterior paint with weather-resistant coverage. If your door is metal, opt for built-in rust protection. High gloss will highlight the architectural details of your home while satin will hide imperfections. Don’t forget to use exterior primers.
  • Remember the screen door: If you have a storm or screen door, paint the frame a contrasting hue to add another punch of colour. 
  • Pick your paint colour in natural light: Tape paint swatches to your front and garage doors and observe them throughout the day to give you an accurate view of the colours.
  • Choose colour carefully for a small house: To make a small home seem larger, paint the door, trim, window frames and exterior all the same colour.
  • Make it pop: To make your front and garage door stand out, paint the trim with a contrasting colour. 
  • Hire a professional painter: Not handy? Not a DIYer? Contact a professional residential painting company. They have the knowledge, experience, skills and tools to make your home shine. 

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your home a boost is to paint the front and garage doors. Don’t be afraid to break the rules! Unexpected colour can add personality and appeal. Hire a professional painting company and, within just a few hours, you can have a whole new look!


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