Are your kitchen cabinets looking run down? Have your cupboard doors lost their shine? Do you want a new look for your kitchen? If you don’t have the budget to replace your worn cabinets, consider painting. Paint can make an impact. It’s an effective and affordable way to breathe new life into a room. But, what colour should you choose? What hue will shine, hold up well over time and add a bit of pizazz to your kitchen? The following are some trending options for kitchen cabinet paint colours.

  • Green makes a sophisticated statement. Light mint cabinets soften a kitchen’s edges, brightening the space and reflecting shiny surfaces such as the countertops and the backsplash. Pair this hue with antique light fixtures and rubbed bronze hardware. The earthy tones of sage are delicate and neutral making decorating a breeze. Dark green is a timeless trend and pairs well with gold pulls and/or mixed metals. 
  • Charcoal makes a dramatic statement. It adds sophistication when used with black, white and/or stainless steel appliances. This bold hue hides scuff marks and adds depth to a kitchen. Pair it with crisp white walls. 
  • Gray is versatile and contemporary. Try warm gray cabinets with taupe and/or off-white walls, brass fittings and wood flooring. Light gray is bright and airy. Dark gray adds contrast and drama.
  • Greige (beige plus gray) is a warm neutral and gives kitchen cabinets a soft, elegant and refined feel. Add polished brass hardware for a touch of glamour. 
  • Blue creates a feeling of space, depth and warmth. It’s timeless! From pale to navy to ocean blue, this hue brings serenity to a kitchen. Try it with brushed nickel hardware and stainless-steel appliances. 
  • Chocolate brown is a delectable colour! Try it for a pantry, cupboard or island. Pair it with gray walls and white tile backsplash for a stunning effect. 
  • Burgundy is rich, dramatic and moody. It makes a statement! Amp up its appeal with gold pulls. 
  • Black makes a bold, strong statement and looks stunning with brass accents. Opt for light walls and backsplash and add in wood accents to soften the look. 
  • Zesty orange: This citrus hue provides contrast when paired with black countertops and a shiny white backsplash. It also works well with gray and charcoal tones. 
  • Pale yellow cabinetry creates a quiet glow in natural light. A timeless hue, it pairs well with warm hardwood floors for an old-world feel.
  • White never goes out of style. It brings a light and airy feel and goes well with bold countertops and tiles. Try a clean crisp white allowing other design elements to take the focus. Creamy white has a traditional feel and goes well with stone counters. Eggshell adds classic charm and a rustic feel. 
  • Two-toned cabinets are a great option. Put a light colour on top and a darker one on the bottom to ground the space. White/grey on top pairs well with yellow, blue, green or burgundy on the bottom. Or, try white on top and dark gray on the lower level. 


How do I choose the right cabinet colour for my kitchen?

There are so many options for cabinet colours! Browse the internet for ideas and talk to a professional painting contractor. They know paint colours and have experience with a variety of combinations. The best way to decide is to try samples in your kitchen. This allows you to see the hues under your lighting conditions and against your decor elements. Affordable peel-and-stick samplers are an easy, convenient way to test-run many tones. Once the samples are in place, pay attention to how they work with:

  • Cabinet style
  • Kitchen size
  • Decor style
  • Lighting (natural and artificial)
  • Countertop colour
  • Backsplash
  • Appliances

A fresh coat of paint is an easy and inexpensive way to update your kitchen cabinets. There are many wonderful hues to choose from. Whether you prefer a bold look or a neutral statement, there is a perfect colour for you. Ask your professional residential painter for help finding the shade that makes your kitchen shine. 

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