Do you have a drab, unwelcoming front porch? Are your guests greeted by a worn, lackluster entrance? Transform your porch with a fresh coat of paint. It’ll enhance your home’s curb appeal and make a great first impression. But what paint colours are best for the front porch?

  • Blue is a soothing, fresh colour that inspires relaxation. Nautical navy blue works especially well with Cape Cod or Craftsman-style homes. A dark, deep blue makes your porch the focal point of the structure. Pale blue works well on entrance accents such as the shutters, ceiling or railings. Sky blue helps your entrance blend with the outdoors while deep blues provide a bold alternative to classic creams and pale grays.
  • Gray makes a quiet, understated impression. Silvery gray enhances the details making the architecture look impressive. Underwater gray lets your entrance contrast with surrounding nature rather than blend in and is great for a contemporary design. It’s also good for homes with exposed elements, such as bricks or terracotta. If you dwell in a northern landscape, gray helps your porch look great in all lights and all seasons. 
  • Green promotes feelings of tranquility and lets you escape the classic white or pale grays while still remaining luminous enough to feel inviting. Soft muted hues blend with the trees and nature around your home, creating cohesiveness. Seafoam green brightens your entrance while gray-green is great for homes in the suburbs or exurban areas. 
  • White never goes out of fashion! It looks great on all parts of a porch and complements a range of architectural styles. It provides a backdrop for bright-coloured decor (flower pots, outdoor furniture, window boxes). If you live in a hot area, white will reflect the heat. Want a little colour? Add vibrant details or accents, such as green windowsills, a red door or a pale blue porch ceiling.
  • Red makes a statement! To balance this strong colour, apply it to the key elements (floor, ceiling, front door) and use a neutral tone everywhere else. 
  • The colour of your house is a safe choice for your porch. Making everything the same hue ensures balance and is aesthetically pleasing. To increase the airiness of the entrance, make the floor of the porch two shades darker than the walls and the ceiling slightly lighter.
  • Stained wood in a rich dark brown is a classic approach and adds a touch of elegance to your entrance. Use the same stain on the balusters, front door and wood floor. 

Tips for choosing Paint Colours for your Porch:

  • Lawns and shrubbery look better near a white or cream porch. 
  • Deep green trees near the porch look good with a dark gray-green hue.
  • If your porch faces south, try lighter shades that will compensate for the extra luminosity.
  • For something unusual, try painting stripes on the floor of your porch.
  • Want the porch to pop? Paint the base of the porch and steps to match the trim of your home and paint any railings or woodwork a bright or deep colour that complements, but does not match, the siding.
  • A classic colour scheme for the front porch ties the space to the rest of the home, providing clean lines and an open, airy feel.
  • If your home is stone or brick, use the colour of the undertone to determine the hue for your porch. 
  • Many paint retailers offer simulators that give a preview so you can experiment with different paint colours. 

The entrance to your house should be welcoming and provide a good first impression. It sets the tone for your entire home and gives you the opportunity to express your personality. Don’t let a drab unwelcoming porch greet your visitors. Try a new coat of paint and let your porch sing!

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