Do you have a room in your home that feels cramped and dim? Is there a dark corner in your house that no one uses? Are there spaces that lack natural light? A new coat of paint may be the answer. The right hue of paint can drastically change the look and feel of a room, swaying the overall aesthetic and brightening the space. What colours are best for transforming these dark spaces?

  • Light and medium gray are grounding hues, cozy and airy. They help dark decor items pop, making the space feel lighter. Light gray makes a space seem wider and more open. Soft tones like dove gray, or greige (a mix of gray and beige) warm up a space. Grays with a lavender or pink tinge adds warmth and comfort. 
  • Taupe is a neutral shade, somewhere between brown and gray. Simple and elegant, taupe has a warm, welcoming effect that makes a space look bright. Choose a hue with a red, pink or yellow undertone to create lustre. 
  • Green: Pastel and/or muted green tones brighten up a room. Try seafoam or mint green. These gentle tones are stylish and create a relaxed atmosphere. 
  • Pale blue is a joyful, calming shade that opens up a room. Its versatility makes it perfect for walls, ceilings, floors and/or window sills and trim. Light blue walls reflect artificial lighting brightening the darkest of spaces. Pair it with simple white accents to make your space shine. 
  • Light pink: Try a powdery, muted or rosy pink to make a dark space feel light and spacious. This elegant shade has personality! Consider a combination of pinks to create a room that never looks dark or dusky. 
  • Orange is a bold, bright hue that instantly uplifts a space. It glows! Consider a rustic burnt shade or try a tangerine or apricot-tinted orange that is bold and playful. These warm colours work well in a dark kitchen or dingy dining room. Pair orange with dark wood details. 
  • Soft yellow is cheerful and vibrant, gently brightening a space. It’s a happy, warm, luminous colour that lifts your spirit. It will banish dimness from any room! Yellow pairs well with white accents and light wood details. 
  • White is inherently bright, reflecting light. A warm white feels cozy and welcoming, bringing the perfect amount of light without feeling cold or clinical. Try a hue with greige, yellow or creamy undertones.  
  • Lavender adds brightness to a dark room, opening up the space. Try a soft dusky tone paired with pastels for a playful look. Match it with simple neutrals (grey, white) for a sophisticated feel. 

How to choose the right colour for your space

Getting your colour choice right can make a room feel bright and breezy. But which of the recommended shades is right for your space? Begin by thinking about how you want to feel when you’re in the room. Colours evoke an emotional response. Cool colours (blues, greens, whites, lavenders) are restful and soothing while warm colours (orange, gray, yellow, pink) create a sense of drama and energy. Look beyond the colour of the walls, paying attention to trim work, cabinetry, flooring and the ceiling. Saturated colours highlight and punctuate white and other light colours when they’re painted on the trim or swatched as an accent wall. For a bold approach, try using two different colours in the same room. When you think you’ve decided, paint a 4-by-4-foot swatch on the wall and live with it for at least 24 to 48 hours so you can see it in action. The size of the room, the amount of natural and/or artificial light, and competing elements (flooring to furnishings) all affect the way a colour is perceived. Still not sure? Ask your professional residential painter. They have the knowledge and experience to help you choose a colour that will make your space soar!

Infuse your dark spaces with light. Brighten your home with paint. The right hue can make your space sunny and welcoming!

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