DIY projects have a certain allure! They allow you to express your creativity, leave you feeling competent/satisfied and sometimes save you money. However, not all projects should be DIY. Some tasks are better left to the experts. When it comes to painting your home, the benefits of hiring a painting company outweigh the Do-it-Yourself advantages. The following are reasons to invest in a professional residential painter. 

What is a residential painter?

If you’re seeking someone to paint your home, you’re looking for a residential painter. Residential painters paint the interior and exterior walls, porches and trim of a house. They have specialized knowledge in the selection of paint types, adding details (texturing, borders, etc.) and sometimes in staining, wallpapering and drywall repair. A residential painter will deal directly with a homeowner to ensure the job is completed to their satisfaction.

Reasons to invest in a residential painter:

There are numerous advantages to investing in the services of a residential painter.

  1. Expertise: Though most everyone can pick up a brush and paint, a professional painter does it better. They have the knowledge (paint types, colours that go well together, how to prepare the surface, etc.), tools (drop cloths, high-quality brushes/rollers, scrapers ladders/scaffolding, etc.) and experience (many and varied previous jobs) to provide a quality paint job that looks great and lasts a long time.  
  2. High-quality results: Professional painters use quality products (primer, paint, tools) and follow proper painting techniques. This ensures a durable, high-quality finish that lasts and a consistent appearance throughout your property. 
  3. Guarantee and insurance: A reputable painting contractor has insurance, providing you peace of mind should any damage occur during the painting process. They offer a guarantee (quality workmanship, quality of paint supplied) as a way to stand behind their work and to ensure customer satisfaction with the final product.  
  4. Reduced risk: Do you really want to climb that ladder and/or scaffolding? Do you know how to safely remove lead-based from your walls? Do you have the knowledge to safely remediate mould growth before painting? Professional painters are aware of and know how to handle potential risks. 
  5. Avoid cleanup: The worst part of painting is the clean up! The thought of this large, long task can discourage you from getting started on the project. A reputable painting contractor provides cleanup as part of the service.
  6. Save time: Painting contractors are efficient and effective. They’ll get the job done in a fraction of the time that it would take you. Hiring a residential painter ensures a faster turnaround time for any paint job you wish completed.
  7. Reduced stress: No need to take time off work. No loss of time with your family and friends. No worry if you’re doing the task correctly. You’ll receive a quality paint job while you relax. 
  8. Save money: Hiring a professional painter helps you avoid costly mistakes (lack of preparation, low-quality paint, overbrushing, wrong sheen, etc.) and the need to purchase expensive tools (ladders/scaffolding, brushes/rollers, tape, drop cloths, etc.).
  9. Detect structural damage: Professional painters assess a building before beginning a project. They can detect structural problems (decay, mould, etc.) and suggest solutions to fix the situation. They know of quality products that help protect your home from moisture, mould and structural damage. 

Are you sure that you want to make painting your house a DIY project? Hiring a residential painter means you can rest easy knowing that a team of painters is working hard to improve your home’s aesthetic and structure. They’ll transform the look and feel of your home, catering their services to you and your family’s unique needs. A professional residential painter provides you with quality long-lasting results.

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