An interior paint job is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your home. It covers scrapes, dents and stains, spiffing things up. You can renew your existing colour or choose a new hue. Most people think of walls when they think of an interior painting project. Have you ever considered painting your interior doors? The following are some reasons to consider recoating these portals and some tips on how to accomplish the task.  

Reasons to paint your doors:

  • Freshen the space: Painting your doors gives your space a refreshed, renewed look, even if you don’t paint the walls.
  • Preserve the doors: Sanding, repairing and painting your interior doors extends their lifespan.
  • Opportunity to upgrade hardware: Painting your doors is an excuse to replace the old hardware (hinges, knobs, locks, locksets) with something more up-to-date and/or aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Get you started: Are you having trouble finding the motivation to paint your interior walls? Painting the doors is a quick and inexpensive task. The change it makes to your space may motivate you to keep those paint brushes rolling.
  • Keep costs down: Repainting doors to renew their look, boost their appeal and increase their lifespan is much less costly than replacing them.
  • Ease of project: Not up for days of sanding, painting and cleaning up? Repainting a door can be completed in a single day. This small project packs a big reward without days of effort. 
  • Add a pop of colour: Need another reason to paint those interior doors? It’s a great way to add an unexpected accent colour.

Tips for painting interior doors:

  • Add a personal touch to the doors with a colour that reflects your personality and taste.  Try red, mint, blue, pink, black, yellow and/or pastel colours.
  • Get wow factor in the hallway: An interesting hue on the interior of your front door adds interest to the hallway. Paint the door dark (navy blue, forest green, iron core) to make the hallway appear longer and larger.
  • Consider dual tones: Can’t pick between two colours? Paint each side of the door a different colour and get the best of both hues.
  • Accent the trim with a burst of colour, for extra appeal. 
  • Choose your paint carefully: Interior doors take a lot of abuse! Choose high-gloss or semi-gloss paint as it can stand up to the wear and tear of daily life and is easy to clean.
  • Leave it in place: Resist the urge to remove the door from its hinges to paint. It’ll dry more easily if it’s hanging upright. 
  • Do some prep: Clean the door with a degreaser and/or soap and water and dry it thoroughly before you begin.
  • Follow the path of least resistance: Start at the inside bottom of the door and move your way up. Paint across the top and only then move back down the outside of the door.
  • Avoid being stuck: Don’t paint the inside edges of the door. This causes it to stick when the door expands due to heat or humidity.

Hire a professional:

Not up for the task? Save yourself the time, hassle, cost and risk of do-it-yourself home painting. Turn to a professional team of commercial painters for help. They have the knowledge, experience, training, tools and paint products to make your home shine. 

Looking for a fun and economical way to renew the look of your home? Consider painting your doors! This quick and easy project adds a pop of colour and interest to your space. It will freshen your home’s look while preserving your doors. 

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