Stucco Painting

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Stucco Coating

Cal-Res is here to help. Clients who use our stucco painting services get the best value for their money. Not that we are cheap, but rather because we do an exceptional job at the proper price. That's because our clients want demand quality and we tend to agree with them. 

How are we able to offer the best value for stucco painting in Calgary?

There are Five things that allow us to provide the best value to our clients

1. We go the extra mile on colour selection so that our clients get Colours they lovenot just like.

2. We get better prices on paint then our competitors because we buy more (any painter in calgary will tell you that they wish they could get Cal-Res' pricing )

3. We have more experience than our competitors (we have the largest painting work force in Alberta, period.)

4. We have the best equipment for painting stucco (the sprayers that should be used for painting stucco cost upwards of $5,000 using anything less will result in the project taking longer)

5. Our Quality Control is rigorous (our project managers hold our painters to the highest quality standards)

The Best Way To Paint Stucco, The Cal-Res Way

As with any professional paint job the difference is in the details.

Our process for painting stucco is consistent for the best results; and it goes a like this:

1. Power-wash stucco thoroughly to remove efflorescence, dirt, dust etc. 

2. Complete color test patches -- We simply refuse to start a project without a test patch and when we do a test patch we do a BIG ONE.

3. Remove down spouts, light fixtures, house numbers, etc.

4. Stucco Repair & Caulking -- Elastomerics are designed to bridge cracks in the stucco but won't bridge them all, so we use a flexible, paintable acrylic caulking to close the larger ones. In some cases (especially on chimneys) stucco patching may be required, in small instances we can perform this repair, for larger repairs we may contract a stucco contractor to ensure the best job possible.

5. Masking & Covering -- We mask only one side at a time and we do a thorough job of it; overspray is simply unacceptable. Little details make all the difference thats why we mask under the soffit channel, this ensures a straight, clean transition from stucco color to soffit. It's also why we mask windows with traslucent film, so our clients don't feel shut-in in their home. And it's also why we use specialty masonry tape to mask your parging, concrete roof, and brick.

6. Water Bopping -- Conventionally a term used for wiping wood down with water prior to staining it; in this instance we mean misting the stucco with water prior to painting. This creates a capillary action (or wicking) of the product into the substrate allowing for maximum absorbtion and adhesion. 

7. Stucco Priming (Optional) -- Other than areas with recently applied stucco (which we absolutely 100% prime every time), it isn't required that you use a stucco primer (like Loxon Stucco Conditioner) but we do offer it to those who want to go above and beyond in terms of preparation to make their stucco essentially bullet proof.

8. Product Application -- Stucco needs lots and lots and lots of paint. If your stucco is done properly, it means there is a minimum of 1 gallon applied for every 50-75 square feet. It should be sprayed and back-rolled up and down & then side-to-side. This ensures even coverage, proper adhesion, and prevents flashing.

9. Inspection -- A project manager will go over the scope of work to ensure that the proper coat thickness has been achieved, in the event it has not the crew will be instructed on which areas to recoat.

10. Clean-Up & Re-Installation -- All materials used for masking will be removed from site and recycled as possible. Lights, house numbers, downspouts (note: downspouts are re-installed every day), etc.

11. Payment -- As we do not take deposits the full balance is due NET 30 upon completion. We make payment convenient and allow customers to collect their travel rewards points by accepting VISA.

Stucco Coating 2

Products we use and recommend for painting stucco

- Polymer Science Better Than Paint

- Cloverdale Towerathon

- Sherwin Williams Loxon Stucco Conditioner

- Dulux Diamond

- Dulux DecraFlex