Painting for Designers

Painting for Designers

It’s not a secret. We all know that painting and drywall are the two trades that drive customer complaints. Cutting corners, messes on floors, rough spray work, you name it. So you try paying more money for a painting contractor, and what do you get? More of the same. It’s frustrating – are there any painters out there that care about you, your customer, your brand? Is there any painters that take pride in their work – or are they all just looking to make a quick buck?

Finally, you find a good one, yes! He does a project for you and its flawless while he isn’t the cheapest his work is worth the extra money, this must be the promised land. You try to get him to do another project for you, what!? not available??? Your project grinds to a halt while you look for yet another painter who can take care of you and your customers, all of the time, no excuses.

Does this story sound familiar to you?

Many of our current customers have told us the same story – that they are ready and willing to pay for high quality work, but are looking for a painter who can also deliver on their timeline, and provide customer service… What a concept!

Well, that’s exactly what we offer. Ask Vaughan Wallace from (Number one renovation contractor on Homestars) or Dean from Alec Williams Construction (Well known local custom builder), and Jorme from Jameswood Homes.

Are you looking for painters who’s spray work is as smooth as glass?

We have a number of highly skilled, highly qualified on-site cabinet finishers to do your spray work.

Are you looking for painters that care about your success in business almost as much as you do?

Renovators aren’t just clients, they are our business partners, and we want them to succeed, and grow, and win SAM awards, and more!

Are you looking for painters who take color and sheen as seriously as you do?

We provide samples for everything to make sure that we get it just right.

Are you looking for painters who do faux finishing?

We can give your projects the unique feel that make your renovations stand out above the crowd.

Are you looking for painters who can work with your construction schedule?

With 40+ painters we can deliver the goods on your timeline.

Do you need painters who actually know how to stain railings?

We are well versed in stain grade wood finishing.

Do you need painters with a shop were you can drop things off to be sprayed?

We’ve got a 12,000 square foot spray shop with two spray booths.

Do you need painters who can bring your design vision to life in an unadulterated way?

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Here are 3 reasons to hire Cal-Res for your painting projects:

1. Exceptional customer service – We care about your business, your brand, and your customers

2. Top quality workmanship – We work with you to achieve a better overall projects by getting the right people to do your job

3. Better availability – We can take care of all of your jobs, you only need one “guy” and that is us

Let us be you “painter guy.”

Want to know what other Painting Services we offer in the Calgary region? These include interior painting, stucco painting, commercial painting, cabinet refinishing and more.


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