Laura H. - Interior Painting Review - Scenic Acres, Calgary

Cal-Res Coatings painted select areas of the interior of my house as we were preparing to move and list the property. Joshua was very responsive to the tight deadlines I had to work with and selected perfect paint colors to match the existing paint. All the employees were friendly, professional and delivered a quality product. I was initially concerned about hiring painters for the job after hearing horror stories from friends who had used other contractors. My friends had experienced schedule delays, cost hikes, and generally not treated as a priority. I did not experience any of these problems with Cal-res, even though the size of my project was relatively small. After this experience I will never attempt to personally paint my space again, the quality and value provided by Cal-Res Coatings can’t beat. I highly recommend Cal-Res Coatings and will personally be contacting them again in the near future. - Laura H.

Review Retrieved from 3rd Party Ratings Website (rated 10/10)