An example of professional painting services by our company in the community of Sienna Park near Calgary, An example of professional painting services by our company in the community of Sienna Park near Calgary

A blend of old and new. Cal-Res Coatings can provide painting for renovations which require a blend of specialties such as spray finishes, staining & lacquer.

Lacquer Finished Mudroom Bench in Calgary, Stain Grade Custom Bar in Calgary

Part 3 - more custom stain & lacquer

Quality Staining & Lacquer in Calgary, Stained Coffered Ceilings in Calgary

More photos of quality finishing by Cal-Res Coatings Ltd.

premium cabinet staining & finishing in Calgary, premium painting in Calgary

Sometimes it is best to let the pictures do the talking.

Before photos of interior painting by cal res coatings calgary, After photos of interior painting by cal res coatings calgary

The right interior paint color is critical for making a space feel luxurious no matter the space. In this instance we've used Benjamin Moore's Abalone to modernize and brighten a previously dark outdated basement. This is one of my personal favorite colors because of the feel, and the fact that your friends will likely debate what colour category it falls under.


picture of stucco prior to being painted, picture of stucco after being painted

Cal-Res Leads the Competition in Elastomeric Stucco Coatings & Stucco Renewal

When it comes to Stucco Painting there is no better stucco painting service provider than Cal-Res

Stucco before it has been painted, Stucco after it has been painted

Cal-Res Coatings provides the best value for stucco painting available in Calgary

Many people choose to rejuvenate their stucco with elastomeric coatings. We provide the best stucco painting services period. 

To learn the more about both the best practices for painting stucco & how we do it check out /painting-services/stucco-painting

how to prepare walls for interior painting, how proper preparation makes all the difference when applying paint

This place had been painted prior to being sold by a "professional painter" that I happen to know quite well. I'm not the type to name names because what people do with-in their own business and what they agree to with the clients are their own concern. However, these photo's should point out the apparent lack of preparation by the previous painter. This is the type of thorough work that our clients have come to expect, that's why the client whose home this is have used us atleast 5 times in the past 10 years.

Railing prepared to be lacquered, Railing spray shaded & ready for solid color

Sick of Your Honey Coloured Oak?

Want to modernized your early 90's home? Wood work can be tinted using a shading lacquer to darken it while retaining its stain grade properties. That's exactly what these clients did and what once was an eye-sore is now a focal point